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America's Cheapest Family Budget System

A Simple Household Budget System to Help You Get Right on the Money and Give your Family Hope!

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Do you want to set up a budget system, but you’re just not sure where to start?

If you want to reach your financial goals and live debt-free, America’s Cheapest Family Budget System is the tool for you!

Steve & Annette use this exact family budget system and so have their older children. By spending about 2 hours every two weeks, you’ll know exactly how much money you have to spend, save, and play with. You’ll reach your short and long-term financial goals because you’ll be setting aside a pre-determined amount of money each paycheck for them. You’ll spend with confidence, knowing your family’s savings goals are protected by using this budget system.

Customized to Your Budget

This system is based on your spending habits and goals, not some calculation based on national averages or Steve & Annette’s budget. Your budget will be a personalized, flexible tool that gives your financial confidence and freedom.

This Budget Paid Off our Home Faster

Using this system, Steve & Annette paid off their first home in only 9 years, paid cash for several cars, took fabulous vacations, remodeled two kitchens and sent their kids to college without loans. This household budget system doesn’t require any special financial skills or degrees, just a willing heart to learn and a few hours each month.

It’s All Included in the Kit

We’ve taken great care to include all the information and tools that you’ll need to succeed at creating an effective household budget. The kit is priced at $45. You’ll easily recover the costs of the system many times over in the first few months of using it. We have calculated that our faithful use of this system has easily saved us more than $300,000 since 1982.

Other readers and website visitors who have used ours household budget system have told us that they have experienced great savings too.

The Best Household Budgeting System Kit you'll ever use!This Budget Kit Includes everything you need to get started on a realistic household budget:

  • Purpose of a Budget
  • 5 Tips to Budget Success  
  • How to Do Your Budget (detailed instructions)
  • Spending Guidelines and interactive worksheet
  • Debt Liquidation Worksheet*
  • Gift Budget Worksheet*
  • Income/Outgo Worksheet*
  • 20 Stewardship Sheets (2 sided)*
  • 1 set of 5 double pocket dividers
  • Forms CD (.pdf and Microsoft® Excel) so you can reprint additional sheets or refine your budget amounts

* Also provided as a .pdf download when your purchase is complete. 

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We receive emails and letters regularly from families who have found great joy in taking control of their money. It’s contagious!


Smiling couple talking about their finances.I can honestly say I feel motivated and confident in taking control of our finances after reading the book. This will be our first full month in using the new budget and stewardship/money tracker worksheets. When I was setting up the budget and figuring how much we spent on groceries and fuel each month I was in shock! My husband couldn’t believe it either.

With your budget plan and guidance from your book, I am confident that we can do this. I feel like we have more control and know where our money goes each month. It’s so much easier for me to see where I’m spending too much money.

And with the Stewardship worksheets, I can see how much I have left each week to spend in that category, instead of spending more and not having enough when it comes time to pay the bills. I’m praying for guidance and self-obedience to put this plan into action every day. I find myself being more aware of what our family is spending, just by writing everything down on these sheets instead of only recording expenses into our checkbook.

So, thank you, Steve and Annette. I have shared this “new” concept with my brother who is younger and in much need of financial guidance.
Kelly, from Missouri

Financial Recovery is Hopeful with Budget

My husband and I are so excited to finally start our financial recovery using your budgeting system. I am a hospice nurse and could totally relate to the Emergency Room analogy you used in your book. For the first time in our marriage we have financial hope.

We finished your book on Sunday and have already created a binder with folders and envelopes to start dividing our money. We can’t believe that we can actually pay down debt and still create some savings. Now we finally have a course to follow and feel like we can actually make it.

I only hope we can develop the same discipline you both have. This is going to be a lifestyle change instead of just another band-aid!  Rob and Jodi — Columbus, OH

Your Newsletter, Books and YouTube Videos have changed our lives! We are now FINALLY on a budget and using a system that WORKS for us!!!!! Seven children and 21 years of marriage later . . . well, some of us are slow learners. Thank you for all of your timely and valuable tips. God bless you all! Tim – Cincinnati, Ohio

FEELING FREE AND LIGHT!Two girls on vacation laying on the edge of a cliff.

Thank you to both of you as you have quite literally changed my life with your advice and the America’s Cheapest Family Budget System. It seems to be an awfully big statement but here’s why. I am completely Debt Free as of yesterday (apart from the mortgage which will now be overpaid till it’s gone). In the last few years, I have paid off nearly £30,000 in debt. I am a single mum of two, working full-time and didn’t have any knowledge of budgeting or saving until I found your book and had a “light bulb” moment.

I feel so light and free, my money is for our household (my girls and me), not some faceless company. Each month my girls sit with me and we do the budget. This is such a godsend as they can see where the money goes and just because I earn X amount it does not mean i can afford whatever they want that month.
Joyce from London, EnglandBuy now

Watch a recent TV Spot video where Steve & Annette talk about the benefits of living on their household budget system.

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