Free Grocery Price Tracker Sheet [Printable or Spreadsheet]

Free grocery price tracker sheet. Track your prices and know the best time to buy!

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If you want to ensure that you get the best prices on groceries try this free Grocery Price Tracker Sheet that we’ve developed.

We first started using a Price Tracker Sheet when we were learning our prices (we got the idea from Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette newsletter and modified it for us).

It’s a great tool to track prices between stores and price increases over time. Use one page for each item you want to track. You can fill in prices from the grocery ads or as you walk the aisles of the store.

When you see a low price you’ll know it’s time to stock up and save!

Grocery Price Tracker Sheet form

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you’ll receive three different file types:

We’ve created this form in three formats:
MS Word .doc (can be converted to Google Docs)
– .pdf
MS Excel .xls (can be converted to Google Docs)

Just share your email address with us and we’ll send the forms to you via email right away.

The use of this Price Tracker Sheet is described in more detail in our book, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America’s Cheapest Family.

Tips for Using Price Tracker Sheets

In this list, you will find useful tips to help you track grocery prices and save money on your purchases.

  • Take your Price Book to the store with you for 3 or 4 months to gather prices
  • Check ads, websites, and apps for grocery prices.
  • Use a pencil to track changing prices.
  • Focus on tracking basics, not everything.
  • Start small by tracking 3-5 commonly purchased items.
  • Keep an eye on unit prices to catch “shrinkflation.”

Question – How To Establish a “Buy Price”

You mention using a price book to help you establish a “buy price.” Can you describe how you set up a price book?  I am good at clipping and using coupons, but I have a horrible memory when it comes to remembering prices on everyday items.

Answer – Establish a “Buy Price” with a Price Tracker Sheet

Price Tracker Sheet Binder for Grocery Shopping

Annette set up her price tracking book using an old binder and loose-leaf paper. She arranged it alphabetically, allowing one page for each of the items we most commonly purchase, from applesauce to vinegar.

Initially, she filled it in whenever she went shopping. She even sent Steve to a warehouse club to gather prices. Later, she updated it from the store ads she received each week.

Titled by item name, each page displays columns headed: date, store, brand, size, and price. Eventually, you’ll discover that some items are less expensive at specialty, dollar, or discount stores than at grocery stores.

Watch your confidence level soar as you become less of a consumer and more of a commodities broker — knowing when a price is great, and buying enough to feed your family for months.

After you’ve tried the Price Tracker Sheet, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and tell us if it helped you save any money.

6 thoughts on “Free Grocery Price Tracker Sheet [Printable or Spreadsheet]

  1. Anna

    I just downloaded this form and can’t wait to start using it not just only for groceries but for anything I need to buy or replace. The only thing I would like to suggest to Steve and Annette is that it needs a comments line for things like tax, shipping, sale dates and so on as I do buy many things online too (saves gas and wear and tear on my car) and always order the best price on that item with free shipping or the lowest price of shipping offered.

  2. Kristi

    There must be an easier way!

    I think the idea of a price tracker sheet is great! It seems it would be easier to put on an excel sheet so that it can later be easily sorted and include an ‘item’ category in the “A” column just to the left of where your date starts.

    My husband has asked me to compare prices in the past and I’ve balked at the idea. This would be a much easier way to do it! I’d love to have the file too, if I may. Thank you so much for providing these great tools! I first heard you a couple of months ago on Janet Parshall’s program on Moody Radio. I just purchased the Kindle version of your new book last week and am really enjoying the well laid out information. Not reinventing the wheel is important to me — as are the baby steps. For me, the first step is better organizing my time (around home schooling) so that I can plan consistently and well. God bless your ministry and mission ~ Kristi

  3. CAthy

    I can do this in Excel!
    Originally I used an old address book. It worked great to quickly thumb through tabs to look up an item. But I’m nothing if not thorough and I soon ran out of space. I also worried that I might lose my only copy and have to start over. I print this Price tracker Sheet version and carry it, marking up changes in pencil. I’m overdue to update the Excel file and print a new copy for my purse. Let me know where to send it to you. ~Cathy

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