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We’ve put together a collection of the grocery forms we use to save money on every month. These are forms we designed for our own use and now we’re sharing them with you.

Free Shopping List Free Grocery Price Tracker from Freezer Inventory Worksheet  Weekly Menu Planner form for saving money on groceries

This collection includes our 4 most often-used forms:

1. Grocery List – this is a check-off style list. It also has spaces to write in your own items. Much better than a scratch pad or the back of an envelope for your list.

2. Menu Planner – Plan 2 weeks’ worth of dinner meals. Includes space for adding your evening activity so that you’ll know if you need to cook a fast & easy meal or if you can plan a more time-consuming option.

3. Price Tracker Sheet – Track the prices of up to 4 different grocery items so that you’ll know when the price is right for stocking up.

4. Freezer Inventory Sheet – we use this sheet once each month to take stock of what we have in our freezer. That way we can plan to use what we have in stock AND know when we’re running low on an item and need to watch for a sale.


After your purchase, you’ll receive access to digitally downloadable these files:

  • Shopping List (checklist style) in .pdf and .doc versions
  • Price Tracker Sheet in .pdf and .xls versions
  • Menu Planner Sheet in .pdf and .doc version
  • Freezer Inventory Sheet .pdf version

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