Our Easy to Use Gas Mileage Tracker. By calculating your gas mileage each time you fill up, you'll know if car trouble is possibly coming.

Mileage Tracker – Free Form

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Mileage Tracking Chart Free Mileage TrackerThis Mileage Tracker Form is an Easy Way to Save Money on Gas. It’s free and simple to use. Just write it down each time you fill your tank with gas at the gas station. Filling the entire tank each time is the best way to get accurate calculations. By calculating your gas mileage each time you fill up, you’ll know if car trouble is possibly coming your way. If gas mileage goes down you might want to check your tires or perhaps it’s time for a tune up. We also record oil changes, tire inflations and other maintenance we have done on the car.

We’ve had copies of this Mileage Tracker Form in our cars for years and years, it helps us know how our engine is performing.

Use the formula below to calculate your gas mileage when you fill up your tank.

Miles or kilometers driven since last fill-up
divided by
gallons or liters used.

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