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Top Rated Companies for Best Customer Service.

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Getting excellent customer service from a large corporation is one of the seven wonders of the world . . . well, at least it seems that way. We love dealing with companies who have well-trained employees who really seem to care about their customers’ problems.

Companies with Bad Customer Service

We have had a number of frustrating interactions with companies lately – mostly internet/cell phone and utilities. Poor or non-existent customer service has become the norm. Long hold times and getting disconnected on phone calls is so frequent that we’ve come to expect it.

Celebrating Companies who Provide Excellent Customer Service

So when we encounter a company with great customer service, it makes us want to stand up and cheer.

We’ll add to this list as time goes on. Here are some companies that have given us excellent customer service (we know that sometimes customer service can vary depending on who you deal with, so if your experience is:


You’d think dealing with an enormous company like Amazon might be a chore, but it hasn’t been for us.

We’ve ordered textbooks, batteries, ink, appliances and so much more from them. With warehouses and third-party affiliates around the country, items that we order sometimes arrive the next day!

And when there is a problem—like the time Steve didn’t read the product description carefully and ended up ordering AAA batteries instead of AA — one call to customer service and the new batteries were on their way (and they didn’t want the old ones back)—Unbelievable!

We love shopping at Amazon (but we also do cost comparisons with Ebay and other online sources before we buy).


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2. Three Day Blinds

We’ve received excellent help with purchasing replacement cording for some honeycombed blinds that they didn’t even manufacture. They also have a lifetime replacement warranty on vertical blinds. The replaced the entire mechanism for us at no charge on three sets of blinds.


3. USAirways (now American)

We’ve had great help when purchasing several tickets with frequent flyer miles. We usually get great service from the people on their 800 line: 800-428-4322


4. Puritan’s Pride

This is our source for vitamins and supplements. We recently had some gel caps start to leak while they were in the jar. They were replaced without any questions and without having to return the leaking items.

Another time, we discovered that we had ordered an incorrect supplement (it was our fault) and they refunded our money and sent us the correct product without additional charges and told us to keep the wrong stuff!

These people really care about their longtime customers. It’s a pleasure calling them.


5. Black & Decker

Recently, daughter Becky was ironing some clothes when our relatively new Black & Decker iron made a strange “ping” sound and turned off. She didn’t drop it, she wasn’t even touching it when it died.

Steve made one call to Black & Decker’s Customer service, read the number off of the plug and in 7 days we had a new iron in hand—at no charge! Small Appliance Customer Service: 800-231-9786.

Other Black & Decker contact numbers


6. Bass Shoes

Steve has worn Bass dress shoes for about 15 years—going through about 3 pairs of shoes in that time. They are comfortable and well made.

We usually purchase them at the Bass Shoe Outlet about 20 miles from our home. Recently he lost the tassel from one of his shoes.

Rather than go to a shoe repair shop, he emailed Bass and received a response the next day. 10 days later he had the replacement tassel in hand!


7. Discount Tire—aka America’s Tire

The people who work at Discount Tire have given us fantastic customer service—above and beyond the call of duty—for more than 25 years.

They’ll match or beat competitors prices, they have a generous road hazard warranty program and if you call ahead, you can get in and out of their shop quickly.

You get flats fixed for free, free tire balancing after purchase and they even mounted a wheelbarrow tire for us at no charge. That’s great customer service!!!


8. Warner Home Video

A few years ago we purchased The Walton’s Season 4 DVD set. It took us months to get through the prior seasons, but when we did finally get to Season 4 we discovered that two out of the five DVDs were defective. They had little bubbles in the silver mylar and wouldn’t play on our DVD player or computer.

We made a phone call to Warner Home Video and were directed to a specific person in their Burbank office. Steve left a message and his call was promptly returned. Sherri assured us that she would take care of getting us a brand new set of DVDs, at no cost to us.

A few days later we received a letter containing instructions and a UPS post-paid label. We sent off the defective DVD set and in one week we had a new Season 4 set in hand. It was a pleasant, painless and wonderful experience.


9. Delta Faucets

In 2000 we remodeled our kitchen and installed a Delta Waterfall Faucet. It wasn’t cheap (cost about $100 at Home Depot).

About 5 years later we noticed that the chrome finish was pitting. We found the warranty information (lifetime) and called Delta Faucets Customer Service number 1-800-345-3358.

The customer service person sent out new parts without question. Awesome service and fast shipping.

Fast forward to March of 2013. The faucet is leaking at the base (old O-rings) and the finish has black swirl marks on it. Another phone call and another set of warrantied parts sent out. You can’t beat Delta’s customer service.

Because of their excellent reputation and service, we’ve replaced 5 bathroom faucets in our home with Delta faucets too. They aren’t paying us to say any of this —their service and products are simply that good!


10. Farberware Pots and Pans

They offer a lifetime guarantee and free replacement handles if they break. We recently cleaned out Steve’s father’s house when he moved into an assisted living home.

We brought home Steve’s Mom’s 60-year-old Farberware pots and pans and now our Daughter Becky is cooking with them. They aren’t bright and shiny, but the work as good as new ones would.


11. Moen Plumbing Parts

Moen offers a Lifetime guarantee on plumbing parts. Our kitchen faucet is a Moen and the chrome finish started to bubble and chip. One phone call and they sent us new parts, at no charge.


12. Kohls

Helpful with discounts, coupons and clearance prices. Special deals for Kohl’s credit card holders. One thing we don’t like is their return policy – if you don’t have a receipt they give you the lowest price on record. So keep your receipts.

Helpful with discounts, coupons and clearance prices. Special deals for Kohl’s credit card holders. One thing we don’t like is their return policy – if you don’t have a receipt they give you the lowest price on record. So keep your receipts.


13. Southwest Airlines

We all know that bags fly free on Southwest and that saves a lot of money. But we also love their employees. They have really helpful people on the phone and at the airport. The flight crew people we’ve talked to seem to really love their jobs. They don’t take themselves too seriously.


We’ll keep adding to this list as we encounter more companies with great employees who offer excellent customer service.

How to Get a Live Person on the Phone

Get Human Logo

Do you get frustrated with companies that hide their phone numbers or make it impossible to speak to a live human being? We do too. We don’t mind searching FAQ pages and using automated help wizards, but there comes a point when we just want to talk to a live person.

A guy named Paul English created a website that lists phone numbers for thousands of companies, plus he allows visitors to provide feedback on the quality of customer service they received when calling the company. It’s called and is a great resource when you really need to talk to someone.

If you want to hear about some other great Frugal Friends, go to this page!

If you have an excellent experience with a customer service department employee, please add it below. Let’s support companies who have great customer service

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8 thoughts on “Companies with Excellent Customer Service

  1. Mike Broussard

    I recently had an excellent customer service experience with Weber (Grill Manufacturer). My Weber Kettle is several years old and I’ve been happy with it’s performance. I’ve been able to purchase (consumable) replacement parts along the way to keep it working season after season. Recently I had an issue with the main body (bowl) rusting at the weld points that hold the grate. I pulled out my warranty and receipt, made a call to Weber Customer Service and they replaced the bowl assembly. They only asked that I send pictures for their records. Hats off to Weber for a great experience. In my opinion, although they are not the cheapest, they offer a better value in the long run.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Mike! Thanks for sharing your experience – we love our Weber Kettle Grill. Great to know that their customer service is as good as their grill!

  2. Tracy

    I do almost all of my clothing shopping at LLBean and Lands End. I know there products are not inexpensive- even when they are on-line/discounted. However, whenever there has been a problem no matter what the product- coat, rainboots, weather station, sled, kids’ mittens, I have used their 100% lifetime guarantee with no problem, and the customer service representative on the phone- especially LLBean are so kind and helpful they make my day.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Tracy, There is a great deal of truth in the fact that more expensive brands can be cheaper in the long run. Steve has some Land’s End dress shirts that we purchased almost 20 years ago – a few were replaced under “warranty,” but the rest are still going strong. Love that you’ve had a good experience with both LLBean and Land’s End customer service! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pauline

    I would add OXO to the list. I had one of their salad spinners, and the spinning mechanism on the lid broke. I knew it was no longer under warranty, and I did not have any proof of purchase. I contacted their customer service to see if they sell the lid only since the bowl/strainer was still okay. They took my information and informed me they would send me a new lid free of charge. Awesome customer service!

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Pauline – thanks for sharing about OXO. We love their products – well made and easy to hold. It’s great to hear that their customer service is as good as their products. You can see a list of Oxo products that are sold on Amazon here:

  4. Rita Hay

    Just an FYI. I work at kohls. I thought you might want to know: If you get a “yes to you” free rewards card (not a credit card); and use that when you purchase your items; we can do a look up of the price you paid with cash or check for up to a year. Or if someone uses a credit or debit card to purchase an item, we can do a lookup that way also. Doing a lookup return will allow you to get back what you paid for the item instead of the lowest price it has sold for. We use the lowest price when we can not verify what was paid for the items, because of all the discounts that we offer, most customers do not remember what discounts were used on top of the sale prices. I would encourage anyone that shops at kohls to get a yes to you rewards card for the ability to do lookup returns, especially if you do a lot of cash purchases. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP ME ON MY FINANCIAL JOURNEY.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Rita, thanks for the kind words about the help we give – we really want to encourage and empower families to take control of their financial situations! So glad to hear that you’re doing well! Thanks also for the additional insights on Kohl’s “Yes to You” program. We’ve met some of the nicest people at the Kohl’s checkouts and customer service counters! Love their customer service . . . and their coupons too!

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