Flight Mile Hacks for Vacations and More

Flight mile hacks for saving money on vacations.

This Flight Mile Hacks Super Page contains a growing list of money-saving tips from for Booking Ahead to get Free Flights; Using Flight Miles for Magazines & Using Flight Miles for Certificates. 

Chase Sapphire for Flight Miles

We really like the Chase Sapphire cards. There is a free version and then there are two other versions. One has a $99 annual fee and the other has a $475 annual fee.

Before you balk at the $475 price, you’ve got to know that it comes with roughly an equivalent value in benefits  which include; $300 per year travel credit applied instantly toward airfare and hotel fees, … Read more »

Vacation Stories Money Saving Tips

Frugal and Fun vacation stories -read them and be inspired.

This Vacation Stories Money Savings Page contains several tips about Auto Gas; Hotel; Dining Out; Food, Drink & Snacks; Camping & Souvenirs to help you save on Your Vacation Expenses!

Texan’s Travel Tips, A Great Vacation Story

Gas Savings

If we’re taking a driving vacation, I go to Walmart and put money on a gift card if I know we’ll pass by a Walmart during our travels. You usually can save about  5-10 cents/gallon. This really adds up if you’re driving a long distance.

Hotel Savings

My husband isn’t one for roughing it. And having a young child, I don’t … Read more »

Vacation Cruises Money Saving Tips

Vacation Cruise savings tips and tricks - super page.

This Vacation Cruises Money Savings Page contains several tips such as Gas Cards, Drink Options, Hotel Rewards, & CVS Rewards to help you save on Taking and Enjoying Cruises.

 Vacation Cruises Saving Tips

We (hubby, grandson, and me) like to go on cruises. We plan ahead, booking the cruise with the “Early Saver” rate usually in January. By booking that rate we can call in and price reductions taken off of our balance prior to cruising or, if we’ve paid in full we get on-board credit. At this point we have more than $1000 in onboard credit. I check the site regularly … Read more »

Disney Vacation Money Saving Tips

Disney Vacation Tips - Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse standing in front of Sleep Beauty's castle.

This Disney Vacation Tips Page contains a growing number of money saving ideas for vacationing at Disney parks less expensively.

Disney Vacation Savings for Military Families

Shortly after September 11 (9/11), Disney Theme Parks began offering one free seven-day park hopper pass for active duty military personnel and half-off for immediate family members.

Editor’s Note: Disney has modified their Military Family Discount program. Read details on these two pages:

My husband had just returned from deployment, and our children, then 6 and 7 ½, were the perfect age for a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. With their discounted … Read more »

Vacation Food / Meal Deals Savings

Vacation Food Savings Tips & Ideas!

This Vacation Food/ Meal Deals Page contains a growing number of money saving ideas for eating inexpensively when on Vacation!

Planning for Discounted Vacation Meals

My husband and I just returned from a vacation and we were able to save a lot of money on food by searching Groupon and for meals prior to our trip.

We went to Vegas and about 3 months prior to our trip I started watching Groupon and other sites for discounts on meals. I was able to get 6 meals (one per day of our trip) and … Read more »

Souvenir Ideas: Clever, Cheap, Chic & Fun Vacation Tips

Vacation Souvenirs that are clever and frugal! Cheap Travel Souvenir Ideas!

Looking for Cheap, Clever and Memorable Travel Souvenir Ideas? This page contains a growing number of creative & frugal ideas to help you remember your Vacations!

Vacation Souvenir Pennies

Our favorite souvenir has become the squished pennies out of the machines. They are just about at every tourist spot we have been to and only cost less than $1.  Long ago, I purchased a little album that they fit into for around $5.  Angel Moore – Somerset, KY

When the kids were little we started collecting squished pennies as THE souvenir. Lightweight and inexpensive souvenir. Fun to look at now. Bobbi Burger Brunoehler – Los … Read more »

Vacation Lodging Savings

Vacation lodging / hotel savings super page with a hotel pool.

This Vacation Lodging / Hotel Savings Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas from our readers!

Vacations can be expensive, but if you follow the advice of our frugal readers and friends, you’ll find all kinds of ways to save on your vacation lodging expenses.

Priceline and Entertainment—Super Savings on Hotels

For many years, I have been bidding for hotels on But this year I found out that The Entertainment Book had coupons for an extra $10 off per night at any hotel booked through Priceline! You can save $10 per night for up to ten nights—that’s $100!!! So, when I bid $30 a night … Read more »