Save on Gift Wrapping & Trimmings

Many Ways to Save Time & Money on Gift Wrapping!

This Gift Wrapping and Trimmings Super Page contains a growing number of money saving ideas for cutting costs on Gifts!

Artistic Wrapping Paper

A child’s painting can be used for creating awesome wrapping paper.

Saw your tips on the Today Show for gift wrap. I have a similar idea. When my boys were young (now 19 and 16) they loved to paint pictures so I bought them the paper from office supply stores that comes in easel pads and when they were done with the pictures we used it for wrapping paper. They loved telling everyone that … Read more »

Gift Shopping Deals Money Saving Tips

10+ Gift Shopping Money Saving Ideas!

This Gift Shopping Deals Money Saving Tips Page contains a growing number of money saving ideas for Buying and Giving Gifts.

We’ve gathered gift shopping tips from frugal friends who are pros at finding the best deal around. They shop all year long at shopping garage sales & thrift stores, and at retail stores after Christmas – learn from them and save a boodle!

Black Friday Shopping is Not for Me!

I have not participated in Black Friday Gift Shopping in the past nor will I ever. Here’s a better tip in my opinion. I shop at thrifts and consignment stores. Our spoiled society … Read more »

Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone

Looking for some Unique and creative gift ideas - check out this super page.

This Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone Tips Page contains a growing number of money-saving ideas for Buying, Making and Giving Gifts!

Cheap Sweaters Make Great Gift Ideas

I have gotten sweaters half off at Goodwill, I only purchase items that have the discounted colored tag of the week. I then make slippers/leg warmers out of the sleeves and throw pillows out of the body.   Timbers – East Hampton, CT

Making  Memory pillows out of sweaters or special clothes is a great way to remember a parent or grandparent!

Christmas Presents Without Spending Money

We have a large family and cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts. A few … Read more »