Fathers Day: Serving & Teaching Your Kids to Work

Steve and Joe Economides standing in front of a cubbie hole shelf unit they built.

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The typical Father’s Day celebration is to wait on Dad, hand, and foot, hand him the remote control and let him do whatever he wants for the entire day.

Try a Different Kind of Father’s Day

This Father’s day we’d like to encourage Dad’s everywhere to make it a day when they serve their families—giving time and love to their families, and receiving much more in return. 

There is no better Father’s Day present to receive than to have little hands squeeze your face after you fix a broken toy or finish swinging your child at the park. 


How about Work-Play 

Cardboard playhouse for the kids

We had several of our grandkids over to the house and Steve was playing with them. We had just replaced our swimming pool filter and had saved the box. 

Kids love boxes and Steve had a plan. He and Jason (our grandson) worked together to turn the box into a playhouse complete with window, roof and a door with a doorknob. 

Jason helped draw the shapes and install the doorknob. Steve cut the holes using a matte knife.

They attached the roof using brass paper fasteners and packing tape. 

The project took about 30 minutes to complete. The kids have played with it for months. And the pride they have in having helped to build it is priceless.


The Best Gifts for This Father

Some of the best gifts Steve has ever received are tools that he uses to build things for Annette and the kids.

He’s constructed things like built-in oak bookcases, captain’s beds from salvaged waterbed frames, storage racks, shade structure for our dogs, and he’s also refinished lots of furniture.

He and Joe built an 8′ tall cubby-hole shelf unit a few years ago from used lumber purchased on CraigsList —you can read more about it and other things we do in this article from American Profile Magazine).


The Right Tools – at the Right Price

Having the right tools (not necessarily the most expensive ones) help him to get the job done quickly, safely and well.

Check out CraigsList or OfferUp.com for estate sales and for specific tools in your area. We especially like church rummage sales because there are usually lots of tools and no one is emotionally attached to them. This is the best place to pick up good tools inexpensively.

If you don’t have time to shop on CraigsList, check out Amazon and eBay, you may be surprised at the deals you find.


Learning to Do Home Repairs

And Dads, don’t forget that one of the best ways to save money is to learn to do household repairs and small construction projects on your own.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll amaze your wife and you’ll be able to teach your kids how to manage and repair a home—these are great life skills to pass on.


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What if you Don’t Know How to DIY?

YouTube has thousands of step-by-step/how-to videos for just about every type of household project you could imagine. When Steve encounters a new home repair problem or project, YouTube is one of his first stops.

Find a handy mentor or be a mentor. Steve has spent the last year or so working with son-in-law Collin, helping him learn how to do dry-wall, plumbing, and other carpentry work.

This is the very thing Annette’s dad did for Steve when we bought our first home.

If you are “Handyman Challenged” see if one of your friends can help you repair something and learn while you do it together – Steve and Annette’s dad (Syl) do this all the time and really enjoy their time together.


Tools that Steve Likes

Here’s a list of Steve’s favorite and most used tools:


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