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Economides family with Dr. Phil after the show

Steve & Annette Economides are NY Times Best Selling Authors,
TV Personalities and Frugal Living Experts.

As America’s Cheapest Family we’ve always been MoneySmart.
Now we’re MoneySmartFamily and love Making Frugal FUN!

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Who are Steve & Annette Economides,
America’s Cheapest Family, and Money Smart Family?

Steve & Annette Economides and their family

We’ve been called “Money Smart Family,” “America’s Cheapest Family,” “The Frugals,” “Cheapskates,” “Tightwads,” “Thrift-a-holics,” or one of many other nicknames. Even calling us by our own real last name, Economides, tips people off to our money-saving ways. Economides is Greek and means “Son of the Steward.”

Our Goals and Accomplishments

True, we don’t like to spend a lot of money, but we don’t economize just for the sake of skimping. As Money Smart Family, we have big dreams that we’re working toward together. We are living proof that even in tough economic times, on a lower than average income, it’s possible to:

We Weren’t Born this Way!

Neither of us grew up in homes where our parents taught us about household finances, let alone anything about household budgeting. We aren’t financial planners or investors. We don’t have degrees in finance, accounting or economics.

Our parents were thrifty/ frugal, so we guess that’s where the seeds were first planted for this amazing journey we’ve taken to joyful frugal living.

a brown house with a maroon car and a blue van parked in the drive way.

During the first twelve years of our marriage, we had 5 kids and lived on an average income of $35,000. During that same time, we were able to pay off our first home (above) and buy several cars for cash.

Sharing our Message

Fast forward to 2003 when we started sharing our message of frugal and fun living on our website. Within 1 year we were invited to appear on Good Morning America where Charlie

Economides family on the set of Good Morning America

Gibson gave us the nickname, “America’s Cheapest Family.” We had no idea that we would be appearing on almost every national TV news show out there, including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Fox News, Fox and Friends, Inside Edition, Nightline, 20/20, and The Talk.

Add to this list magazines such as People, Real Simple, All You, Good Housekeeping, Women’s World, National Enquirer, Consumer Reports, and hundreds of newspapers, plus many international TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine outlets in Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East have also shared our story. Our message and family have reached across the nation and around the world.

At first, we cringed a little at this new title, but we decided that if being dubbed, “America’s Cheapest Family” gave us a platform to speak to the world about the value of frugal living in a positive way, then we would embrace it.

As you can see, we have now transitioned to Money Smart Family because that’s the end game of frugal living . . . it makes people Money Smart.

Making Money Go Further for All Ages

Abbey Economides modeling a red prom gown with a $25 price tag on it.

As we’ve shared our message on our website, in our books, through media and speaking appearances, and on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, families of every age have responded that they’re finding the same freedom and joy that we have.

Whether you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, or you’re middle-aged with teens or living as empty nesters, our website has something for you. Even if you’re a Senior Citizen and living alone on a fixed income we have tips and tricks to help you stretch your dollars further than you ever thought possible.

Financial Freedom No Matter Where you Live!

It doesn’t matter where you live: in rural settings, suburbs, or in a big city, we can say with confidence that frugal living and will help you find bargains, live better, spend less and become financially free.

Frugal living and household budgeting will benefit you in everything you do and every place that you go!