Savory Butcher $100 Meat Give-Away

Savory Butcher Meat Give Away August 2019

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Our friends Cassie and Erle – founders of Savory Butcher, have asked Annette and Steve to be their celebrity bloggers of the month.

DRAWING: Everyone who opens a Savory Butcher account will be entered in a drawing for a free box of meat. They’re giving away a Fresh Savory Sampler Mixed Box – 26 pounds of fresh meat. Retail Value: $109.00.

We have all the details on how to enter the drawing at the bottom of this page.

BONUS: If you place an order, you’ll receive our 30 Day Meal Plan and a set of our 5 Money-Saving Grocery Forms .pdf.


What is Savory Butcher?

Do you remember, Zaycon Foods? Did any of you get ripped off by them?

The sad story is that after many years of building a following and delivering quality meat, they suddenly went out of business.

They required a 100% payment upfront, many times a couple of months ahead of time and then never made their last month’s worth of deliveries.

In the end, they didn’t deliver products that families had paid for. And they didn’t refund money.

People who contested their debit and credit card charges (within 90 days) received money back from their card issuers. But no one received a refund from the company.


The Creation of Savory Butcher (SB)

The Savory Butcher Logo - bulk meat online.

Savory Butcher was created to fill the gap made by Zaycon’s demise. They are doing business differently. 

  • They only require a $10 deposit – not a full payment in advance.
  • They only charge the full amount of your order a week before you pick it up
  • If the weight of your box is slightly less than what you paid for, you’ll get a refund.

They recently made a policy change requiring that orders be placed at least 2 weeks before pick-up dates. This way the trucks will have the exact amount needed and no extra meat has to be leftover.

The Savory Butcher model makes sense. And we believe that the people running it truly have your best interest at heart.

As a matter of fact, we met both of the owners – Cassie & Erle and they are the real deal, so genuine.

Annette Economides with Erle - co-founder of The Savory Butcher.

In this live video, we talked with Erle about Savory Butcher. If you fast forward to the 4-minute mark, Erle describes how Savory Butcher does business.

Their customer feedback has been really positive, regarding both the quality of the meat and the service provided.

Honestly, there have been a few issues, but when there are, Savory Butcher works to resolve all matters quickly. Their customer service and communication are really good.




Since Annette & Steve were selected as the Celebrity Blogger of the Month for August, there are lots of free resources you will love to have.

  • Our Grocery Forms Package (normally sells on Etsy for $6.98)
  • A 30 Day Meal Plan – with links to our recipes and videos

These resources are exclusives available to their new and current customers only.

You can get them for free by creating an account at Savory Butcher and placing an order. Somehow by the magic of the internet, they’ll give you a link to get the free resources.

If you aren’t ready to place an order, you can still participate in the drawing for $100 free meat (see details below).


States SB Currently Delivers:

  1. Arizona
  2. Colorado
  3. Idaho
  4. Oregon
  5. Texas
  6. Utah
  7. Washington

(more states to come soon)


Products Savory Butcher Offers

Here’s a list of the Savory Butcher Products. Remember that they are adding items all the time, and not all items are available every time they come to your area!

See all the pictures of the Savory Butcher products listed above, here.

  • Fresh Trimmed Boneless Chicken Breasts ~ $99.60 – 40 lbs $2.49/lb
  • Fresh Hardwood Smoked Bacon ~ $67.35 – 15 lbs $4.49/lb
  • Fresh 81/19 Ground Beef ~ $127.60 – 40 lbs $3.19/lb
  • Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs ~ $83.60 – 40 lbs $2.09/lb
  • Beef Hot Dogs ~ $36.90 – 10 lbs $3.69/lb
  • Polska Kielbasa ~ $39.90 – 10 lbs $3.99/lb
  • Bacon Wrapped Pork Filets – $46.81 – 9.38 lbs $4.99/lb
  • Meaty Back Ribs ~ $143.64 – 36 lbs $3.99/lb
  • Fresh Hardwood Smoked Bacon ~ $125.70 – 30 lbs $4.19/lb
  • Fresh 93/7 Ground Beef ~ $179.60 – 40 lbs $4.49/lb
  • Fresh Uncured Smoked Bacon ~ $74.85 – 15 lbs $4.99/lb
  • Fresh Organic Boneless Chicken Breast ~ $167.79 – 21 lbs $7.99/lb
  • 100% Grass Fed/Finished Beef Box ~ $119.85 – 15 lbs $7.99/lb
  • Fresh Boneless Chicken Breasts ~ $79.60 – 40 lbs $1.99/lb
  • Wild caught Pacific Cod – $69.90 – 10 lbs $6.99/lb
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon – $122.90 – 10 lbs $12.29
  • Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham – $131.67 – 33 lbs $3.99/lb
  • Bone-In Steak Box – $187.35 – 15 lbs $12.49/lb
  • Ribeye Steak Box – $214.35 – 15 lbs $14.29/lb
  • NY Strip Steak Box – $158.85 – 15 lbs $10.59/lb
  • Fresh Savory Sampler Mixed Box – $109.00 – 26 lbs
  • Breakfast Sausage Links – $41.90 – 10 lbs – $4.19/lb
  • Pork Tenderloin – $59.22 – 18 lbs – $3.29/lb


Savory Butcher Meat Give Away August 15, 2019


As we mentioned earlier, please register for your account with this special affiliate link, you will receive $5 credit and so will we! Thank you for participating with us!

Next, use the form below to enter the giveaway. Get extra drawing entries by:

  • Following us on social media
  • Signing up for our email list
  • Referring friends to this giveaway.


One MoneySmartFamily Friend will win a Savory Butcher Sampler Box. 
This box will include boneless skinless chicken breasts, bacon, and 93/7 ground beef.

Note that you are required to give a phone number to Savory Butcher. You will get a few text messages from them. But if you give them a landline, you will not have to worry about this issue at all.


Your entry must be submitted by Thursday, August 15th at midnight. If you are the winner, you can pick up your Savory Sampler meat box, the next time delivery is in your area.


Other Details:

  • The Winner must reside in the continental US (lower 48 states)
  • If the Winner resides in a state not yet serviced by Savory Butcher. You’ll receive a credit for a time when they do deliver in your area.


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