Halloween Books for Kids and Families

Halloween Books for Kids, Great Reading for the Fall season, Nice Halloween Picture books for families.

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These Halloween Books for Kids and Families reviews a growing list of our favorite Fall or Halloween Themed Books!

We do celebrate Halloween, but not the ghoulish, horrifying aspects of the holiday. And we have read our kids’ many books about autumn and events surrounding Halloween. On this page, you’ll read reviews of some of our favorite books.

Too Many Pumpkins

Too Many Pumpkins is a completely delightful story that young ones will want to hear over and over. We don’t care for some of Linda White’s other books, but this one is an absolute gem. We stumbled across it at the public library and promptly ordered a hardcover copy from our local bookstore to have as our own, forever and ever.

The story is about an older woman, Rebecca Estelle, who grew up during the depression. Her family was so poor that at times all they had to eat were pumpkins. One day, older and living on her own, she watches horrified, as a truck loaded down with pumpkins bounces a huge, seed-laden pumpkin into her front yard. She so despises pumpkins that she refuses to clean up the mess and chooses to cover it with dirt instead. Of course, it starts to grow and grow and  . . . well, you’ll have to read the story to find out what Rebecca does to cope with her plethora of pumpkins.  Written by Linda White, Illustrated by Megan Lloyd 

Happy Halloween, Curious George

Happy Halloween, Curious George is a cute and short board book for preschoolers with 7 short stories. Perfect for the little one in your life. Terrific illustrations, and great colors.


Johnny Appleseed

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed is the perfect thing to read in the fall. And you should have no problem finding an age-appropriate version for your kids — or for you to read. Apple season is here and every child should know the story of John Chapman. He was a man so in love with apples and apple trees that he devoted his whole life to spreading his passion. Legend has it that Johnny set off with a cooking pot on his head and nothing on his feet as he headed west and planted apple trees as he went.

Many other Johnny Appleseed books have been written click here to see more.

Halloween, Is It For Real?

Halloween, Is it for Real? answers the question about how many of the traditions of Halloween and trick or treat got started. This book traces the history of this holiday and explains the traditions and practices in an easy to understand story that kids will love. Written by  Harold Myra and Illustrated by Jane Kurisu.

The Pumpkin Patch Parable

The Pumpkin Patch Parablewritten by Liz Curtis Higgs is part of her Parable series.

If you love the Fall and carving pumpkins, but don’t like the scary and ghoulish aspects of Halloween, you’ll love The Pumpkin Patch Parable. It’s an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

A happy farmer plants lots of different vegetables in his garden, but his absolute favorite one to watch grow is the pumpkin. At harvest time he very carefully selects the right pumpkin and the scoops out the slimy, gross insides. Then he lovingly carves a face on the pumpkin and puts a light inside.

What sets this book apart is how Liz Curtis Higgs presents the heavenly/spiritual side of the pumpkin carving. Letting children know how much God loves them and wants to shine His light through them. The illustrations are colorful and very creative. This book is written from a Christian perspective but is not preachy. It is a story our kids really loved.

If you have a favorite Halloween story that isn’t listed, please mention it in the comment section and we’ll consider it for this page.

Halloween Books for Kids, Great Reading for the Fall season, Nice Halloween Picture books for families.

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