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Our Used Clothing Tips for Adults contains a growing number of money-saving ideas for cutting costs when you’re buying clothes!

Big Fluffy Frugal Robe

I really wanted a big fluffy robe this winter, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So I headed to Kmart, where stuff is cheap. I was in luck: they had robes 50% off, yippy! Unfortunately, the robes were priced at $34 each. What?

Buy a Winter Robe in the Summer? You Bet!

So I took a chance and headed to a new Goodwill store in our neighborhood. I was in luck! I got a like-new, big fluffy Nautica robe for $5.99! Now the kids fight over it, begging for a turn to wear the warm robe. And don’t forget Goodwill Industries helps people with disabilities. So my purchase benefited more than just me!   Cindy Saldana – Santa Clarita CA

Resale Deals and Steals

I know many people shop at thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army but sometimes you can find one that is run by volunteers and the prices are much cheaper. The local Lion’s Club in our area runs a thrift store called the “Lions Den Resale Shop”. The building is donated and the store is staffed by senior citizens who volunteer their time. Jeans cost only $1; shorts and tops are 50 cents; winter coats and jackets run from $1 to $3; Dresses are $1; purses are usually 25 to 50 cents; Shoes are $1 for adults while kids’ shoes 50 cents and kids’ clothing goes for 25 cents to 50 cents.

As you can see, everything is dirt cheap! I buy things at the Lion’s Den cheaper than at garage sales. All of the money from the store goes into the community to support local charities, so it’s a win-win situation. Most people can’t believe I get my clothes for so inexpensively. Another great way to get deals is when a church has a rummage sale — usually on the last day they’ll have really great discounts like $2 for a bag of clothing or fill a bag with anything for a fixed price.   Darlene A. – Temperance, MI

Plus Size Used Clothing?

At age 44, I finally got serious about shedding my excess weight. I went from a women’s size 28 to a size 14. At first, this was exhilarating. I would rush to the mall to shop for my new size and consequently run up a charge bill. As the weight continued to come off, the thrill of growing a larger charge bill went away. Since I had to get clothes that fit, I finally learned to shed my excess pride too. I learned about thrift stores and I haven’t looked back. I am still amazed at the brand new designer clothing I find at thrift stores.

My latest find was a blazer that I picked up for $6. I took that blazer to the “one price” dry cleaners and had it cleaned for $3.39. When I picked it up from the cleaners, I realized I had purchased a $150 blazer for less than $10. I find that the thought of going out and buying new clothes from the mall is now obscene to me.   Cathy Broadus – Seattle, WA

Used Clothing Deals For All Ages

I started shopping at second-hand stores. When my kids were little (before they entered grade school) I sewed their clothes because patterns for little kids are really easy to make. When they got older and even now (one is 12 and one is 14) I started shopping at second-hand stores. It still amazes me because I find a lot of trendy clothes that my daughter really likes.

She is always surprised at what I can find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. As far as shoes go, I get them mostly at the Goodwill store. I find shoes not only for my kids buy for my husband and myself. We’ve found $80 tennis shoes for only $7 – hardly worn and in excellent condition. Payless shoes has good deals on new shoes too.   Cathy Ferguson – Concord, CA

Used Clothing Fever

Last year I changed careers and needed to change my fairly casual wardrobe to business attire.  I now wear suits or blazers with dress slacks or skirts and dress heels every day. I scoured Goodwill and Value Village (Savers) for clothes and now have a complete wardrobe.

When I show up at work with a new, high-quality designer outfit, my co-workers gush with compliments.

Often I say, “Thanks!” I bought it a Goodwill!” After hearing my response a few times they have finally stopped being shocked and are now curious. One of my co-workers has started talking about getting her clothes at Value Village. She recently shopped there on one of their 50 percent-off days and found several lovely blazers and suits. Every time she wears one of these new outfits, she proudly tells me how much she paid for it.

The idea is catching on! I know some people think I’m weird because I’m proud of how much money I don’t spend. But it is really worth it when someone else catches the fever!    Aimee Lenger-Renton – WA

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Find a Thrift Store in Your Area – Easy

Thrift Shopper Logo

Looking for a thrift store near your home or when you’re visiting a new city? is a great website that will let you search by zip code to find stores in your area. As of February 2018, there are over 12,000 stores listed nationwide (and they’re always looking for more) and more than 4000 reviews.

They also provide forums to discuss various topics related to thrift store shopping and they allow you to rate your favorite thrift stores (scale of 1 to 5) so other visitors can get an idea of how great the deals are before they shop.

We absolutely love shopping at thrift stores — it’s always an adventure and we always come away with great bargains on designer clothes.

The Coolest Consignment Store in Phoenix

Jeri Watson - Co-Owner of A Second Look with Steve & Annette Economides

Jeri Watson – Co-Owner of A Second Look with Steve & Annette Economides

Our dear friends Judy Rhodes and Jeri Watson started A Second Look in 1983 with 25 boxes of clothes purchased from a local auction. Their humble beginnings have blossomed into one of the most visited and most beautiful consignment stores we have ever seen. With more than 10,000 people consigning nearly new clothing items and with dated tags that reduce in price every 30 days, you are almost guaranteed to find a bargain every time you shop.

Our daughters have purchased incredible ball gowns for about $20, Steve and the boys have purchased Tuxedos and other suits for around the same price. Jeri and Judy only put out items that look brand new and their prices are super competitive.

If you’re ever in Phoenix visiting or live anywhere nearby, this is a must-visit consignment store.

You can see the inside of the store in these videos. We aren’t paid to promote A Second Look, we simply do it because we love the store and the owners.

This year they are expanding the store and adding a larger, more plentiful menu in their coffee shop. You’ve got to stop in for a frugalicious visit.

Sadly A Second Look closed its doors in 2019.

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