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This New Clothing Money Saving Tips page contains a number of ideas for cutting costs when you’re buying clothes!

New Dress Shoes for Extraordinary Prices

Good quality new dress shoes are expensive. I have problem feet and need extremely comfortable shoes for work but I must also follow a strict dress code. Finding good shoes at a thrift store is almost impossible for me, but I’ve discovered Nordstrom’s Rack (clearance center). I’ve found great comfortable designer shoes at extraordinary prices. Now my clothes and shoes last much longer than lower quality items purchased at local discount stores   Aimee Lenger-Renton – WA

Editors’ Note: We’ve shopped Nordstrom’s Rack and love it. We have a store less than 3 miles from our home. But you don’t have to live nearby to shop there.

You can now shop Nordstrom’s Rack Online. The deals look as good as in the store AND they offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

Clearance Deals Online for New Clothes

My kids are 7-and 9-years-old and are growing like weeds and I have recently lost a lot of weight. I am the cheapest woman alive when it comes to new clothes and I’ve found great ways to get unbelievable deals. Most of my shopping is done online. I go to the more popular websites like Penney’s, or Old Navy (search for bargains). I only shop at places where I can return items I don’t like, to a nearby store. This way I do not have to ship them back. I’ll go straight to the clearance section of the website. There I view each category in order of price from lowest to highest and only look at items between $1 to $8. I mostly shop for the next season or next year. Then when I’m ready to check out, I go to a website like or www.DealLocker.Com and get codes for free shipping. By using these codes, I can save an extra 10-40% off the entire order. Recently I bought 19 items, from shirts for my husband and son to capris for me, and I paid an average of $5 per item, brand new!   Michele G. – Texas

Stretching The Life Of Your Stretchy Clothes

I make my new clothes last longer because of these simple ways!  I stretch my clothes budget by buying the highest quality clothes possible at the cheapest prices–end-of-season sales, designer resale shops, and department store clearance centers. To make clothes last longer, I separate whites from colored and dark laundry, and heavier items (such as towels and blue jeans) from lighter weight items, such as permanent press and delicates. Wash on the lowest temperature with the least amount of detergent, and dry on the lowest setting. Bras and things with spandex, like jogging bras and leggings, hang to dry to preserve their elasticity. Remove permanent press clothing and delicates before the dryer stops and hang them on hangers or fold them immediately so you don’t have to iron them.    Pauly Heller – Phoenix, AZ 

Clothing Choices Are Black And White

Black & White Clothing - 2 tee shirts

Laundering tips to preserve “like new” clothing. I turn dark or brightly colored clothing inside out before laundering in cold water to preserve a “like-new” appearance longer. I have also found that black or white clothing can look the best the longest. The whites can be bleached and every so often I re-dye all my faded black clothing to freshen it up. The bonus is that I have been able to limit my shoe wardrobe to just one color – black! Monica Cook – Mesa, AZ

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Cute New PJ’s / Cheap PJ’s

I get lots of new children’s clothes right after major holidays.  Last year after Halloween I found 100% cotton pants and tops for 50 cents each! These work great for pajamas for the kids. I ended up spending 3 dollars instead of 30 dollars and got three sets of PJ’s – and I must say, they look really cute.   Claudia Bouchard – Jewett City, CT

New Shoes for Used Prices

I took my daughter to Big 5 Sporting Goods (Big5SportingGoods) to look at tennis shoes. The shoes on the table were marked $20 each. Then the manager told me that their special sale that week was, “Buy the first pair of shoes for $20 and get the second pair for $10.” We searched through a large number of new shoe boxes. Many of them were marked with a retail price of $50 or more depending on the brands. We found a pair of Vision Street Wear and LA Gear shoes. We purchased two pairs for $31.45 (tax included). They have great sales all year long. They just moved into our neighborhood earlier this year.   Lorraine Peterson – Colorado Springs, CO

Even Smart Spenders Can Save More

Inspired by your advice, I bought a perfect-fitting suit at a high-end consignment shop for $24.99 and two quality silk ties, which looked unworn, for $8 each.

I wore the suit at a family function this weekend and yesterday to tape six television segments.

Greg Karp – Spending Smart — Author and Journalist

The Supreme Commander of Kids Clothes!

I just wanted to add my two cents to your list on how to shop smart for back to school clothes.

We almost never buy used

Only because I can get brand new, name-brand clothes for much less than our local thrift stores and consignment stores offer them. I always shop a season behind. Right now I’m buying summer clearance for my kids to wear next year. If you combine the back to school promos with the clearance prices, you can get clothes for incredible prices. A good example is that Aeropostale just ran a sale for 30% off everything online with no exclusions (Shop Kids Clearance at P.S. from Aeropostale). I ended up getting shorts that were normally $20+ a pair, for less than $5. I found shirts for around $2 each. Combined with the free shipping offer on orders over $75, I outfitted my five kids for an entire summer for less than $100.

Don’t write off the pricier stores

Because they are more concerned with being at the forefront of trendy clothing, they are usually more eager to dump their last season clothes and offer unimaginably deep discounts. I buy my kids’ clothes almost exclusively from high-end retailers (Justice, PS Aeropostale, Lands End…) and pay much less than I would even buy second hand.

Shop online and in stores

A lot of higher-end stores have different pricing and items available in their brick and mortar stores than they do online. Last week I found tons (I mean crazy amounts) of clothes on summer clearance at The Children’s Place that was priced differently online. I got my younger two daughters’ several dresses that were originally $40, and on clearance online for $16 for….drum roll please…$2 each in store!  Jennifer M. – Murrayville, GA 

If you’d like more great ideas, visit our Used Clothing Tips for Adults Page.

If you have a tip for saving money on clothing purchases please leave it in the comments below and we’ll review it for posting on this page.

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  1. Olivia Fox

    Maybe I’m a stick in the mud, but there are certain undergarment and shoe styles I purchase year after year. It’s simpler, as I’m difficult to fit. When it’s getting close to replacement time I cycle through available retailers by style number and size to get the best pricing, check the discount code sites, and purchase everything online. Since I already know exactly what works, there’s no need to return anything. No need to pay for gas. Since the codes often involve free shipping, no need to pay for that.

    1. Steve Economides

      Olivia – You’re not a stick in the mud – you’re a moneysaving super smart shopper. Love how your frugality on clothes not only saves you money, but time and gas too! Way to go!

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