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Save Money with these Miscellaneous Clothing Tips.

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This Miscellaneous Clothing Tip page contains a number of money-saving ideas for cutting costs when you’re buying or caring for clothes and accessories!

Cashmere and Wool in the Freezer?

Sometimes you do frugal things for so long you forget how good they are. For years I’ve been chilling my woolen and cashmere clothes before storing them for the summer. I do this to eliminate moth eggs and larvae. I put the clothing in a plastic bag and then stick it in the freezer for 24 hours. Then I take it out and transfer the clothes to an airtight plastic storage bag. The clothes will stay moth free and be wearable next winter.   Billie Williams – Lewisville, TX

Simplify Purses

Buy one top-quality, all-purpose purse and use it until it wears out. You’ll save the hassle of keeping track of multiple purses, transferring contents, and it will minimize the possibility of losing things. This concept works great for briefcases too.   Jennifer Dahl – Bayard, IA

Pep-Up Clothes With Vinegar

Often times, dark clothing, especially items made of cotton, appear to be faded and dull. Instead of fading, it can be a build-up of laundry soap in the fabric. Try adding vinegar to the rinse cycle. Just a quarter cup of vinegar can make a huge difference. Your clothes come out looking brighter and younger. Also check the laundry soap label for the correct amount to use in your laundry. The lid (measuring cup) is larger than the amount of detergent you actually need.   Michael Shuler – USA

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Clothes with Crinkles

If you have clothes with crinkly fabric, don’t just hang them up like other clothes. Fold them over a wooden hanger – this prevents the fabric from “un-crinkling”; and keeps them looking good longer. This same rule applies to sweaters, woolens and knits – folding them in half over a wooden hanger keeps them from getting stretched out of shape or sagging.   Dottie – Scottsdale, AZ 

Slippery Hangers

A yellow hanger with thick blue rubber bands on it.Keep slippery clothes on the hanger. If I have clothes that like to slip off of my plastic or wooden hangers, I just take one of those thick rubber bands from a bunch of broccoli or asparagus and wrap one of them around each end of the hanger. It’s an easy fix to a frustrating problem.   Carol Meola – Scottsdale, AZ

Do It Yourself Lint Brush

I made my own lint brush and it works great! I had a pair of black pants that were full of lint. My sticky linA black hairbrush covered with clear tape to clean lint from clothes.t brush was worn out and just wouldn’t pick up a thing. So I pulled out a round hairbrush and wrapped it with clear packing tape. It worked better than the regular lint brush ever did. I’ll never buy one of those lint things again.   Lyn Haberstock – Phoenix, AZ 

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