Phone & Internet Savings

This Phone & Internet Savings Page, will save you Hundreds of Dollars this Year!

This Phone & Internet Savings Super Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas from our readers!

Cell Phone & Internet Savings are not hard to find if you know where to look. Their costs can really put a crimp in your household budget. This page is constantly being updated with the latest in ways to save on accessing the internet and communicating with friends and family.

This page contains the following tips: Free International Calling / Video Calls,    Free Computer Calls,  Cutting Cell Phone Costs,   Cutting Monthly Internet Costs,    Getting Wifi for … Read more »

Save Money on Electricity & Lighting

Save on Electricity and Lighting with these tips - an antique lamp with a red shade.

This Electricity & Lighting Money-Saving Tips Page contains ideas from our readers on how to trim your electric bill!

This page contains everyday tips on Bathroom Lighting, saving by not over-drying clothes in your Dryer, Ceiling Fans, Curtains, Using a clothes Line and how to Identify the right side of a polarized Electrical Plug.

Electricity & Lighting Tip #1 – Using Less Light in Your Bathroom

Our bathroom has two light bars that hold five light bulbs each. Even with 25-watt bulbs in each socket, that’s 250 watts of light each time we flip them on. We’ve decided to only screw in two … Read more »

Saving on Water Usage & Costs

Water Usage Savings for your Home!

This Saving on Water Usage and Costs Super Page contains a growing list of money saving tips from our readers.

The water saving tips on this page include: solar showers; gray watering lawns; using vinegar to clean household items & saving your septic tank; and saving water with kids from laundry, to timed showers, to washing cars.

Solar Shower Savings

Living in Arizona, our summers can provide “free” hot water. Our water pipes are on the west side of our house and by late afternoon, when we take our showers, we just turn on the cold water faucet and it’s … Read more »

Save on Heating & Cooling Your Home

Heating & Cooling Tips to Save Money Around the Home

This Heating & Cooling Tips Super Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas from our readers.

Heating & cooling tips on this page include: Finding Free Firewood; Insulating Door Mail Slots; Shutting Heat Vents in the Cellar, Using Blankets and Lowering the Thermostat, Using a Window Air Conditioner with Ceiling Fans; and Caulking around Doors & Windows.

Heating & Cooling Tip #1 – Finding Free Firewood

Cord wood for free! I love those words. This spring, a neighbor had a large tree die in his front yard. He called in a landscaping company to cut it down for him. When I saw … Read more »