Calendar Savings & Datebook Efficiency

Paper Calendars don't have to cost anything or very little!

This Calendar Savings & Datebook Efficiency Page contains a growing list of money saving tips from our readers to help you find free or inexpensive annual calendars!

One Dollar Calendars

Calendar prices are outrageous! I know that I can get them for free from various businesses, but these aren’t the kind of calendars I can give as gifts. The other day, I was at Michaels Craft Store and found a wide variety of very nice calendars for this year for just one dollar each. This was their regular price -and they carry these every year. I even found a calendar that is set … Read more »

Paper Savings for Home and Office

Home Office Paper Savings, many tips and ideas!

This Home Office Paper Savings Page contains a growing list of money saving tips & ideas from our readers!

Finding ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose paper is great for the environment and for your bank account. This page is a collection of tips that really help you save money on home office paper savings for your home and office.

Scratch Pads From Junk Ads

I use the backs of all the blank advertising mailings for my scratch paper and grocery lists. You can even put together a pad by dipping ends in white glue or using a glue gun. Also, an old refrigerator … Read more »

Computer & Printer Savings

Computer & Printer Savings - Tons of Ideas!

This Computer & Printer Savings Tips Super Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas. From where to buy printer ink, how to save money on toner and how to research buying a computer printer!

Font Changes Save Ink

I just read a news story where the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay has switched the default font on their whole email system from Arial to Century Gothic. The director of computing, Diane Blohowiak says that this simple change will reduce the amount of Printer ink used by 30 percent just because of the way the font is designed.

With inkjet cartridge … Read more »