School Options – Money Saving Tips

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This School Options Page contains a number of ways that you can cut the cost of a homeschooling for your grade school aged kids. We hope to add other school options in the future.

Homeschooling For Less

Question: Could you please advise my family on how to keep costs minimal while homeschooling? Our kids are 4, 2, and 11 weeks old. I have taught in charter and public schools, but we are interested in homeschooling. On your main site, I see that you recommend Homeschooling for Excellence. I am reading it now 🙂 However, any other advice on keeping the cost of homeschooling low would be … Read more »

College Ideas & Money Saving Tips

College Tips Money Saving Super Page.

This College Money Saving Tips & Ideas  Page contains a growing number of money saving ideas for cutting the cost of a attending a University/ College and getting a higher education!

In addition to the reader-submitted tips on this page, we’ve written a 5 part series on how to save a ton of money on college expenses.

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School Expenses & Supplies Page

How to Save on School Expenses and Supplies Super Page.

This School Expenses & Supplies Page contains a growing list of money saving tips to help you save on Back-To-School Expenses and Supplies

Stress-Free School Supplies

Are you stressed and don’t have time to run around town to pick up all of the school supplies your child needs? Okay, here’s the easiest way to get it done inexpensively.

List   Get a list from your school’s website
Ads   Sit down with the newspaper ads and your child’s school supply list. Make a list of the cheapest items at each store that you need to pick up (along with the store’s name).
Shop   Pack up your hit list with … Read more »