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Creative Home Decor Ideas for making your home beautiful on a budget.

This Home Decor Money Saving Tips Page contains several Home Decor Ideas that are frugal and easy to make !

Antique Auction Deals

I have several antique furniture pieces that I bought at a wholesale antique furniture auction on New Year’s day a couple of years ago. Most of the people that were there buying furniture were retail shop owners with tax I.D’s. Because these shop owners are in the business of making a profit, I was able to get the furniture pieces I wanted by bidding just a little bit more than they would.

I still paid a lot less than retail for … Read more »

Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Page

Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Super Page of Ideas!

This Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Page contains lots of money saving tips and easy crafting ideas.

Red Cross Knitting Stripes

I do a lot of volunteer knitting for the Red Cross. Whenever we receive small balls of yarn that cannot be made into a blanket or sweater, I use them to make colorful stripes in a blanket. I pick one yarn color for the overall blanket theme and then make different color stripes. It always looks great.   Angela Guastella – Chester, VA 

Needlework Needles Sharpened

I thought I was the only one who pinched pennies the way you all do. I’m always looking for … Read more »

Craft & Sewing Projects for Everyone – Fun & Frugal

Crafts Ideas That Anyone Can Do!

This “Craft & Sewing Projects for Everyone” money saving tips page contains lots of frugal and easy Crafting & Sewing Ideas.

Free Craft Projects for Kids at Lowe’s – Program Cancelled

Lowe’s offers a workshop for children and their parents. It is called Build and Grow. The best part is that it is Free; Lowe’s supplies each child with the materials.   Tammy Baker – Virginia

Editor’s Note: Lowes canceled their Build & Grow program in 2016. We recommend checking your local Home Depot for their Kids Workshops

Pinecone Basket Firestarters

Step by step instructions on how to make wax dipped pine … Read more »