KTVK Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona

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This was an interesting interview. It’s always fun to watch the interviewer’s face

(Marty Valasco Hames) as they ask what they think is a normal question such as, “Annette, what would you do if Steve came home one day with a new TV?” Annette’s reply was, “He just wouldn’t do it.” “We talk about everything.” Steve added, “We’ve set a $20 limit, anything over that we talk about.”

Steve & Annette on the set of Good Morning Arizona - interview

Marty couldn’t believe that a marriage could survive within those parameters. Her words were, “It just wouldn’t work at my house.”

We had prepared the following four points for this interview and hit them in rapid-fire order.

1) Saving on Groceries Several strategies that we use to feed our family of 7 for $350 per month

A) Grocery List
B) Plan a Menu
C) Limit Trips to the Store

2) Plastic Surgery for Debt – a simple strategy for getting out of debt – it’s not easy, but it is good.

A) Stop using Credit – Cut Cards
B) Generate an Excess / Cut unnecessary spending
C) Make a List of all debts

3) Holiday Traditions – They don’t need to break the bank to be memorable and hilariously fun.

A) Shoot Turkeys
B) Sing 12 Days of Christmas
C) New Years Charades and Confetti

4) Vacations with no debt regret. What do you do when you have vacation time, but there’s a minimal amount of money in your checking account.

A) Visit Colleges
B) Vacation at home – so many sites to see here
C) Camping

Immediately after the interview, one of the people who work on the show came in and started asking questions about our “Get out of Debt plan”. We discussed some of the details and gave him a copy of our June issue which outlines the plan in detail. He left with a smile and a look of resolve on his face.

Watch the video here:

This was our first interview together – 10/21/2003