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We did 3 days of radio interviews with Dennis Rainey and Crystal Paine at Family Life Today – Radio in Little Rock, Arkansas. They titled the series: 3 Days of Frugal Living. We called it a lot of fun – getting to spend time with Crystal and some other old friends in Little Rock made the trip wonderful.

About Crystal Paine

In this interview series with Steve & Annette along with Crystal Paine ( and Dennis Rainey we shared our frugal journey and listened as Crystal shared her’s. She is a young mom with 3 kids and as she shared her story we both thought, she sounds like one of our kids. Her parents taught her to be self-sufficient from a young age, to be generous and to avoid debt with a smile. Her story of living frugally while working with her husband to earn his law degree without borrowing a penny is inspirational.

Teamwork and Teaching

We talked about working together as a team, focusing on a financial goal and being disciplined about reaching it. We also talked about allowing your kids to work for what they get rather than simply giving them money or things just for being part of the family. We know that many parents don’t like the idea of paying their children for doing chores – things that every family member ought to do out of duty. But we encourage parents to take a bigger view — if we don’t teach our kids to associate working with earning and also teach them that how much you earn is related to how hard you work—who will teach them?

Three Days of Audio and transcripts

Day 1: – Crystal Paine talks about her frugal journey. Very interesting interview – Listen to this and scores of other radio and podcast interviews on this page.
Day 1 Transcript .pdf

Day 2 Audio: Steve & Annette Talk about how to raise MoneySmart Kids – Listen hereDennis Rainey, Crystal Paine, Bob Lepine, Steve Economides, Annette Economides in the studio of Family Life Today radio.
Day 2 Transcript .pdf

Day 3 Audio: Steve & Annette and Crystal Paine talk about grocery savings. Listen here
Day 3 Transcript .pdf

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