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Personal MoneySmart Coaching with Steve & Annette Economides

Steve & Annette EconomidesSteve & Annette Economides, Expert Money Coaches, have more than 20 years experience coaching families and individuals to tame their money. People say that we make personal finances and money management simple to understand and easy to master.
As Money Coach Experts, our sessions are designed to work on the areas where you want to grow and change. We’ll shoot straight with you; give you plenty of practical advice, usable tools and loads of cheering.

We realize that sharing financial information is incredibly personal and a little scary, and of course all information will be kept confidential. Our goal as an expert money coach is to encourage and empower you. In the process you may be challenged to think and act differently – but the goal is your success and financial freedom.

Money Coach Details: 

We coach over the phone or via Skype and we coach as a couple whenever possible, so often you get two different perspectives for your situation. Our coaching appointments are broken into 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. We offer a discount for purchasing multiple sessions at one time. To make our time together most efficient there will be some preparation for both you and us. We’ll send you a pre-session email with details.


What can you expect from Money Coach Experts Steve & Annette? Great hope, less stress and more money in the bank. You can expect to save between $200 and $500 each month, depending on the topic you select and the changes you’re willing to make. Coaching can pay for itself very quickly.

What Money Coaching Costs:

30-minute Coaching Session: $50 60-minute Coaching Session: $100 Package of Five / 60-minute Sessions: $400
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Daytime Coaching: Appointments Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
Evening Coaching: Limited Times on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Payment is non-refundable, but sessions can be rescheduled in case of emergency.

Money Coaching Topics

We offer 4 major areas of coaching from which you can choose:
Household Budgeting; Saving on Groceries: Kids & Money: and MoneySmart College.
Within these 4 areas are multiple topics you can select. We recommend one topic per session.

Coaching_BudgetIconHousehhold Budgeting

Coaching to Help You Get Right on the Money with Tools, Encouragement and a Plan for Success

1. How to Set up An Effective, Personalized Budget and Make it Fun.

2. Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

3. Saving on Utilities and Housing

4. Stretching your Clothing and Recreation Funds

5. Planning and Paying for a Fabulous Debt-Free Vacation

6. Debt Elimination: Building a Plan and Decimating Your Debts

7. Pet Decisions: Finding & Budgeting for the Right Pet

Coaching_GroceryIconSaving on Groceries

Coaching to help you tame your grocery spending and find more time for what really matters.

1. Organizing Your Pantry / Freezer / Refrigerator

2. Planning a 2 Week Menu that’s thrifty and healthy

3. Improve your Grocery Shopping Strategies (10 to 15 ideas)

4. Cooking Smarter: Bulk Cooking / Once-A-Week or Once-A-Month Cooking

5.  Mealtime Fun: Building a Stronger Family at the Table



Piggy bank in a circle representing Kids and Money Coaching iconKids & Money
Coaching Parents to Teach their Kids to Become Financially Independent

1.  Setting up a customized MoneySmart Kids Payday System

2.  Chores: Establishing a System that Kids Love

3.  Helping Your Adult Children Without Bail-Outs

4.  Helping your Grandchildren without Entitling them

Mortar board with an orange tassel representing college coachingMoneySmart College

Coaching Young Adults and their Parents to
Conquer College Costs

1.  Helping Your Teen Build a College-Ready Resume in High School

2.  Debt-Free College: Developing a Plan for Testing; Grants; Scholarships; Housing and Loans


All endorsements are use by permission of the families we coached.

Small Sacrifices / Great Gains!

We came to Steve & Annette, the expert money coach, with precious little in the bank and spending more than we were making each month. The Econ’s showed us a budgeting system that completely changed how were handing our money and living life. We made some small sacrifices and gained a huge amount of financial freedom. Once we mastered our money, we were able to treat our kids to a Disneyland vacation (paid with cash of course). What a great memory!

Pete and Shannon, Charlotte, NC

Fast Turn Around!

We were good wage earners, but didn’t know where our money was going. We were 15 years away from retirement and concerned. Steve & Annette showed us their budgeting system and we were able to turn everything around in a very short amount of time.

Tom and Julie, Phoenix, AZ

This Changed My Life!

As a single mom with three kids, I was working as a bookkeeper, yet I didn’t know how to manage my own funds! Steve & Annette gave me the encouragement and the tools I needed to transform not only my finances, but also my life!

Nicole, Mesa, AZ

For help with your personal or household finances, consider reading our books, “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money,” “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half,” or “The MoneySmart Family System – Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.”

Expert Money Coach - Steve & Annette Economides, will change your life!

Do you wish you had someone you could talk to about your money issues. Someone knowledgable, trustworthy and who isn’t trying to sell you insurance? Well, now you can — NY Times Best Selling Authors and Personal Coaches, Steve & Annette Economides are here to help!