A Year of Swagbucks – A Recap, Review and Bonuses

How we earn free gifts with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is Legit and is not a scam!

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November marked our 14 month anniversary of using the Swagbucks website!

When we first joined we were skeptical. We’d signed up for other various online poll and shopping portals before. They promised cash rewards for taking surveys or a percentage back from purchases. The promised plenty, but delivered very little  . . . except frustration. We were disqualified from surveys, payments were never sent and the rebates that were promised never appeared.

In our year of testing Swagbucks, we’ve set up accounts for both Annette and Steve and we both have earned points called SB (Swagbucks). At the end of this blog we’ll give you a summary of our earnings.

How We’ve Earned SB

There are many ways you can earn SB – that’s what makes the site so different.


We’ve taken scores of surveys and found this is one of the best ways to earn SB (Swagbucks). Sometimes we didn’t qualify for a survey, but most of the times we received a consolation SB for trying.

Other times because of a technical glitch we’ve been logged out of a survey or not been awarded the SB that we should have received. In those cases, we’ve taken a screen shot and submitted a report to customer service at Swagbucks. The Swagbucks customer service people have been extremely helpful. And each time we’ve contacted them we’ve received the SB we should have received (sometimes we had to follow up with a reminder email, but in the end we received what we should have earned).

There are other ways to earn, like watching movie trailers and other videos, doing tasks and playing games, but we haven’t spent much time doing these things as you’ll see in our earnings at the bottom of the page.

Table showing earning from Shop and Earn from Swagbucks website.

SB for Shop and Earn

We’ve shopped through the SwagBucks shopping portal at Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and Ebay. There are dozens of stores and ecommerce merchants to choose from. Each purchase earns us SB based on a percentage of the purchase amount. For instance Ebay gives us up to 2% back on purchases. We’ve received 4% back from Walmart and 2% from Amazon. Sometimes the earnings from these purchases take a few months to be credited to your account. But what’s cool is that your Swagbucks profile tracks your Shop and Earn earnings, so you can see when the credit will be paid out. If you have any questions about missing purchases you can write to customer service to get the purchase credited to your account.

SB for Searching

We’ve also accumulated thousands of points by setting up Swagbucks as our search engine of choice. Every day, we earn SB just for searching on the internet . . . something we do a lot of as we write articles for our website.

Bonus SB for Searching – Swagbucks Collector’s Bills!

Picture of Mount Rushmore with blue sky in the background - headline Mt. Swagmore Collector's Bills.Every few weeks Swagbucks rolls out a promotion to encourage you to search, shop, or invite a friend to join. This week they are running a promotion called Collector’s Bills.

Basically, the more often you use the Swagbucks search page for your search queries, the more chances you have to earn Collector’s Bills which are worth extra SB.

A normal search will earn you between 3 SB and 20 SB and usually only once each day. This promotion increases the value and the number of times you’ll receive rewards. And on top of higher payouts, if you collect all four Collector’s Bills: 5 SB, 10 SB, 13 SB and 22 SB, you’ll receive a 20 SB bonus. And you can receive multiple copies of the Collector’s Bills for searching.

Screen shot of earning Mt. Swagmore Collector's Bill.

Deadline for Collector’s Bills

This special promotion is called Mt. Swagmore Collector’s Bills and the bonus ends at midnight on November 13. So start your searching and earning now.  If you haven’t joined Swagbucks, scroll down to the bottom of the page to get a special code that will earn you 75 extra SB when you sign up!

How to make Swagbucks your default Search Engine

We’ve made Swagbucks Search Engine our search page of choice. It’s really easy and when you use the Swagbucks Search Engine you accelerate your earnings of SB. Here’s how we changed our search engine to Swagbucks in the Chrome Browser:

Screen shot from Chrome on how to set your search engine preferences.

  • Go into your Chrome settings (click on the three dots on the top right of your browser window).
  • Once you’re in settings look for “Search” settings (it’s the third option down the settings page).
  • Click on the “Manage Search Engines Tab” and then either select swagbucks or type / copy and paste this code: http://www.swagbucks.com/?f=55&t=w&p=1&q=%s

Summary of 14 months of Swagbucking

Since September 15, 2015, together Steve & Annette have earned 35,174 SB.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Games: 6 SB
  • Mobile Watch: 12 SB
  • NCrave: 23 SB
  • Bonus Swagbucks: 127 SB
  • Swagbucks TV: 130 SB
  • Swag Codes: 515 SB
  • Special Offers: 538 SB
  • Shop and Earn: 1,140 SB
  • Searching: 3,217 SB
  • Monthly Bonuses and Birthdays: 6,046 SB
  • Surveys: 10,551 SB
  • Referrals from family and friends: 12,869 SB  (click here to learn how you can earn 10% for life)

Here’s what we do with our Swagbuck Earnings

We wait until we accumulate 2200 SB and then we trade them in for either an Amazon Gift Card or an Ebay Gift Card. Here’s the deal: Each month there is usually a discounted deal for $25 gift cards that cost only 2200 SB instead of 2500 SB. So over the past 14 months we’ve cashed in our SB for fifteen $25 gift cards totaling $375. We’ve used some of the gift cards for presents for our kids and grandkids and the rest of the gift cards are being saved to purchase a new (used) digital camera (DSLR with video) for shooting more of our YouTube Videos.

So over the past 14 months our Swagbuck earnings have averaged about $27. Not a bad way to earn some extra cash for gift giving and fun. With the holidays coming quickly, Swagbucks is a great resource for helping you buy presents online!

And we’re not really working at it. We have some people on our Swagbucks Referral team who are earning thousands of SB each month! Maybe you could be one of them.

Here’s how you can sign up and join our Swagbucks Team

We’ve chatted with people at Swagbucks marketing and they have authorized a special bonus code that you can enter when you sign up through our link below:

Just enter the code: MoneySmart and you’ll earn a 70 SB bonus!! This is in addition to the normal 30 SB sign up bonus you’ll get.

Sign up here and use the code: MoneySmart 

And once you sign up, encourage your friends and family to sign up under you and you’ll earn 10% of their earnings for LIFE! That could be really huge!

If you want to read our original review of Swagbucks click here.


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