Top ways to save money by maximizing space usage

A golden picture frame with strands of barbed wired on a red background.

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It can be pretty difficult to fit everything in a smaller home especially if you’re part of a large family. Even if you live in a large house, you can always use more space. That being said, there’s a lot of money lost through the fact that people don’t maximize the space that they do have.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can maximize the space in your home so that you can enjoy all the things you need without having to spend money on additional storage space. Let’s see just what you can do when you are determined to save some money and capitalize on small spaces or hidden opportunities.

Use leftover kitchenware

The problem with people giving gifts of kitchenware (decorator plates, platters, and serving ware) is that it is a very common gift, which means you’ll probably be receiving more and more over time. The result is that eventually, you’ll just have too much kitchenware. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A lot of money is spent on the decoration of the different rooms in the house. It’s time to use your inner Pinterest and think creatively – checkout our home décor tips.

Think about using unique plates and serving ware to decorate your kitchen walls. It’ s a very artistic way of enhancing the look of your walls and to make use of things that would have otherwise just gathered dust in the cabinets. Of course, you could also re-gift these items or donate them to a thrift store.

Use the space above appliances

Most major appliances don’t fill up the entire vertical space above them. Consider the space above your stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink as potential storage areas.

Instead of buying new racks or shelves for all your kitchen utensils you can hang them above your stove or oven. Put things you regularly use such as your favorite pots and pans or wooden spoons for stirring and display them right above the stove. They’ll look pretty and save you the cost of spending money on racks.

Replace Paintings with Unique Wall Art

Consider spreading different types of art directly on the wall instead of hanging a painting. While hanging paintings and limited edition prints are the traditional way of decorating your walls, they can get pretty pricy at times, especially the big ones.

Some creative wall art we’ve seen includes a collection of barbed wire that was framed, an old wooden yoke for oxen, a pitchfork, an old guitar and framed sheet music.

One creative person had a room air conditioner in the middle of her apartment wall. Rather than try to cover it up, she decorated around it to make the wall cool to look at. She used an nicely carved wooden picture frame around the air conditioner to make people think that they’re looking at a painting of an air conditioner. She painted the unit to match the décor of her home and hung other art around it. It’s a matter of how creative you want to be with your designs.

With enough creativity, you could create a cornerstone piece of art that people who visit your home will remember.

Keep these tips in mind for when it comes to decorating your interior as you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home beautiful and unique (check out our home décor Pinterest board). Opportunities wait at every step and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a bit of imagination.

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