Pitchin’ A Fit – Great Parenting Resource

Pitchin' A Fit - Great Parenting Resource by Israel Wayne and Brook Wayne

Annette just read the book “Pitchin’ A Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting” by Israel and Brook Wayne. It’s a new book with an awesome message. This book is written from a faith-based perspective, but even if this isn’t where you’re coming from, we don’t believe it will be offensive in any way.

Parenting isn’t for Wimps

Anyone who has kids will tell you that that parenting isn’t for wimps. But even the most courageous and confident parents will admit that there are times when even they feel inadequate to the task. This book is a reminder that you’re not alone and that there is hope and encouragement no matter your past experience.

LIsten to this interview with Israel and Book Wayne, hosted by Shaun Tabatt

Overcoming their Past

Israel shares some details about the abusive home he came from and how he has healed from that experience. Brook shares the perfectionist attitudes she embraced as a young adult and how she has had to loosen her grip in order to become a healthier parent.

No matter your background, you will be able to relate to this book and receive encouragement and practical tools for moving to a better place in your parenting.

The authors take the on the every-day challenges of parenting and systematically provide solutions for overcoming anger, while equipping you to embrace patience and affirmation as you deal with your kids.

Equipped to Love

We’ve never met a parent who wanted to become a “screaming-mimi,” but unfortunately that’s where many of us end up in our parenting because we’re so unaware of what’s happening in our own hearts. The Wayne’s discuss how to identify anger triggers and then how to diffuse them. They share how to motivate reluctant children and how you can keep your relationship strong with your kids even through the tumultuous teen years. Their goal is to equip us to lead our families with patience and love, which will result in a home filled with grace and peace.

I wish this book were around when we were first starting to raise our kids. If you want a renewed perspective for your parenting, don’t even wait, order a copy now, it’s that good.

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