The $2000 Freezer – Kitchen Tool #5

The $2000 Chest Freezer-Kitchen Tool #5-Save Money & Time!

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The $2000  Chest Freezer is the final article of a 5 Kitchen Tools series designed to empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve shared how we save with the humble SpoonUla, a set of glass bowls for lunches, a slow cooker, and a Meat Slicer. We’ve calculated the annual savings from using these four kitchen tools to be about $4500.

But, hold on to your wallet, we’ve held back the biggest savings for last.

This tool will assuredly pay for itself quickly and truly help you build a stockpile of cold, hard cash.

Save Money on Your Grocery Budget with a Freezer

A freezer is one of the best money-saving tools a family can invest in.


Because a freezer allows you to stock up on sale items and enjoy eating steeply discounted food for weeks or months to come. We regularly freeze bread, milk and shredded cheese. But we also stock up on things like turkeys at Thanksgiving, hams at Christmas, corned beef after St. Patrick’s Day and pork ribs over the summer holidays.

Plus, because we have the storage space, we’re constantly watching for marked-down meat prices when grocers have overstocks – recently we bought 60 pounds of chicken legs for $.19 per pound. 

What Kind of Freezer Should you Buy?

We like non-frost-free chest freezers because they don’t dry out food as quickly. Frost-free freezers have a fan that constantly runs to reduce the build-up of frost, but that same fan removes moisture from food that isn’t vacuum sealed. Years ago we started with a 9 cubic foot chest-freezer, then graduated to a 17 cubic-foot upright. Now we have a 27 cubic foot chest freezer.

We also like chest freezers more than upright freezers, as most upright freezers are frost free, and we prefer not to have that feature.

Should you buy a new or used freezer?

Buying a Used Freezer

Freezers can easily be found gently used on CraigsList. Our book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Americas’ Cheapest Family,” describes our secrets to researching and buying quality used appliances, very inexpensively. In the book, wee also provide a list of the best items to freeze and how to organize a chest freezer for maximum efficiency.

Buying a New Freezer

You can also pick up inexpensive freezers from Amazon – if you’re a Prime member, shipping is free – and that makes it really affordable. Here’s a list of Amazon’s best-selling chest freezers. They aren’t that expensive, ranging in price from $199 to about $320. 

Savings: We’ve calculated that our chest freezer saves us at least $2000 a year—not bad for a $400 investment. And this cool little workhorse will keep saving you money year after year, after year.

Using the Food in Your Chest Freezer

If you have a freezer stocked with food, but don’t keep track of what you have, that’s a problem.

Doing a monthly inventory of your freezer will:

  • Keep you on top of what you have in stock
  • Help you use what you have
  • Keep foods from going bad
  • Save you even more money

Read how we inventory our freezer here.

Adding Up the Savings in the Kitchen

Cost for Five tools:

  • Spoonula . . . . . . .$  10
  • Pyrex Bowls . . . . $  10
  • Slow Cooker . . . . $  20
  • Meat Slicer . . . . . $  30
  • Freezer . . . . . . . . $400 (possibly less)

Total Cost                       $470

Potential Savings:

  • Spoonula . . .  . $  40
  • Pyrex Bowls . . $1000
  • Slow Cooker . . $3000
  • Meat Slicer: . .  $  550
  • Freezer  . . . . .  $2000

Total Saved                             $6590

Did you ever think that Scooping, Packing, Slow Cooking, Slicing, and Chilling could be so rewarding? What would you do with that extra $549 each month (that’s $6590 divided by 12)? And what are you going to do with all of the extra time you’ll save not having to run to the store or restaurant as often?

As a family, saving time is almost as precious as saving money and if this article can free up even half of what is predicted – we know your family will benefit from it. Big savings can start with just a few small tools—you can bank on it!

If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can catch up here.

This TV spot describes the five tools in a little more detail.


You won't believe how much money a freezer save your family on grocery purchases! It's amazing!

You won’t believe how much money a freezer save your family on grocery purchases! It’s amazing!

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