5 Daily Habits that will save you a Fortune

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From our frugal friend Amber Smith who has been living the frugal life for about a year. 

Saving money is never easy, especially if you’re focused on counting every penny you own every single day—I’d never do that! But you still can make money-saving a lot easier, more fun, and a lot more efficient as well! Don’t believe me? Well then let me show you five amazingly simple and genius ways that have become my almost daily habits and have saved me lots of money as well!

While shopping for a few items in store, don’t take a shopping cart with you

For some reason, we tend to make everything we see fuller that is not full yet. And that also happens then you are shopping. So every time you need just a few simple and little items, don’t take a shopping cart! If you do, you’ll make that cart full in just a few seconds and also spend tons money! If you try walking around the store with every product you want to buy carried in your hands, you’ll rarely over spend and avoid impulse purchases as well. So – if you want to leave a store with fewer items, leave the shopping cart near the entrance.

Drink more water

Since water is very cheap and very good for you, you should drink as much of it as possible. You’ll not only save money because you won’t need to buy sodas or other pricey beverages, but also eat less as well! Drinking a glass of room-temperature water before every meal and you’ll instantly feel fuller and as a result, eat less. When dining out, always order a glass of water instead of other beverages. It will be a lot cheaper, and you quench your thirst as well. So start drinking more water, improve your health and your finances all at the same time!

Start couponing

Couponing is popular for a reason—it guarantees you big discounts instantly, and you don’t have to work much to get it. There are millions of coupons both online and offline and it is up to you where you want to shop and what kind of discount codes or coupons you want to use. For example, I always save tons of money with Target online promo codes, which guarantee me amazing discounts even during a sale! You literally can save money while saving money! And you’ll do it so easily you barely even notice! Everything can be purchased cheaper with coupons, so I always carry a few coupons in my wallet and always use them to save big-time money!

Carry cash

This is so simple, yet so ingenious! If you carry only cash with you every time you’re shopping, you are making your life and money saving instantly easier. First of all, you are creating a budget you’ll rarely overspend. And second of all, you will find many ways to spend even less cash than you bought to the store. It’ll become a really fun game to see how long you can make the cash in your wallet last. This is truly one of the easiest and truly efficient tricks to save you money.

Hang out with your frugal friends

And finally, one of the best habits for a person who wants to save loads of money is to spend time with other people who are trying to live the same way and reach the same goals. These kind of friends will go places where you don’t need to spend tons of money, and they’ll know lots of tricks on how to save as well. On the other hand, your “spendy” friends will encourage you to spend money like they do, frugal friends will encourage you to find ways to save and cheer for you when you do. It’s so much better to hang out with those thrifty friends who share similar interests—you’ll save money for sure!

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