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Student Loan Debt has me Seeing Black and Red

Female college graduate climbing the stairs with a ball and chain around her ankle.

What is the cause of the student loan debt problem and is there a solution?

The total amount of outstanding student loan debt is a number often thrown around—a staggering 1.3 trillion dollars. It’s just 2 digits and a decimal point, but in reality it’s a much larger number with huge ramifications and it’s making me see red!

Can you imagine having to write a check for:

1 Trillion     3 Hundred Billion    Dollars

Or $1,300,000,000,000.00

Breaking Student Loan Debt down:

There are 40,000,000 students who currently owe money for student loans.

Divide 1.3 billion by 40 million and you get an average of $32,500 per student. … Read more »