Walmart EverStart Car Battery Warranty – Details & History

See why this car battery and its warranty are one of the best.

The Walmart EverStart car battery warranty can be confusing. We’ve been buying these batteries for our cars since 2003. On this page we interview managers, document our purchases and summarize what we’ve learned about the Walmart warranty policy for their car batteries.

A Walmart Everstart Maxx Battery Warranty Story

Update 2015.11.15 Daughter Becky drives a 2007 Toyota Tacoma – the day before taking a trip into the White Mountains in northern Arizona she noticed her 4 year old Toyota battery wasn’t cranking the engine as quickly as it did previously. We had it tested at O’Rilley Auto Parts and instead of 700 amps cranking power it registered at 200. O’Rilley offered to sell her a battery for $112 with a 2 year warranty. She decided to take her dad’s advice and go to Walmart. She purchased an EverStart Max for $104 and received a 3 year warranty with an additional 2 years of prorated coverage.

Here’s how the Walmart Battery Warranty Works

We asked the Walmart automotive manager to explain how the warranty on EverStart Batteries worked. He told us that if at any time the battery fails in the first 3 years you’ll receive a replacement for free . . . but the warranty does not get extended on your replacement battery. The term of the warranty is still the original 3 year date. However, if after the 3 year full-replacement period, the battery fails, you will be charged a pro-rated amount (we once paid $15.93 to have a battery replaced under the extended warranty (see details below). But the best part of the pro-rated warranty is that if you do have to pay anything out of pocket you are not only given a new battery, but also a new 3-year warranty. This is why we love Walmart Car Batteries.

Get a Price on a New Battery

Click here to to use the Battery Finder and check prices on Batteries – we did this before Becky purchased her battery in-store – the price was accurate.

Saving money each paycheck for car maintenance is a regular part of our household budgeting process. But whenever possible we try to buy quality products for the lowest price to keep from spending a lot more money. Over the years we’ve tried car batteries from various auto parts stores, we even bought a more pricey Interstate Battery because Paul Harvey (radio legend) recommended them. Regardless of the brand, in the Arizona heat, the longest they’d last was about 2 years. Then we tried Walmart.

Check them out at the bottom of this page

See the complete line-up of Everstart Maxx Batteries and their current prices  at Walmart.

A Chronology of a Walmart Battery Warranties — Started  June 8, 2003

We researched and purchased a new car battery for our 1997 Honda Accord. Based on a Consumer Reports review, we decided to change from using Interstate Batteries – always reliable, but rather pricey, to Walmart’s brand. Consumer Reports rated Walmart’s EverStart Maxx Batteries about the middle of the pack. They weren’t the top rated, but their Life Test, Reserve Capacity and Cold Cranking Power were all above average. One thing we failed to note was the warranty period — 24 months full replacement / 72 months prorated. We plunked down $47.99 (tax included) and didn’t give the battery a second thought.

October 2007 — Battery Update

A full 51 months (4.25 years) later, the battery started to loose cranking power. We discovered it had a bad cell, but it continued to work fairly well. In early November, Steve got stuck – the battery wouldn’t start the car. Steve went to a nearby Wal-Mart. Normally batteries in Arizona don’t last more than 3 years, so Steve was prepared to pay full price to replace our old battery.

The service tech at Walmart offered us free installation of a new EverStart Maxx battery AND because of the pro-rated warranty we only paid $15.93 . . . $15.93 for a new battery!

Now we’ve had batteries with replacement warranties before, but they’ve never been this generous! The full retail price was supposed to be $73.48. We received a savings of $57.55. Steve questioned the Automotive Department manager to make sure she was performing the transaction correctly. It just didn’t seem right. She checked it twice and then re-explained Wal-Mart’s warranty policy. The new battery has a 36 Month Full Replacement / 108 month prorated warranty.

We know that customer service varies from store to store. Just be aware that enforcement of the proper terms of any warranty depends on your knowledge of the terms and the helpfulness of the customer service person. Know the details and stand up for what is right.

Ours is not an isolated experience – read what other Wal-Mart Battery Owners are saying:

Another Walmart Everstart Warranty Story: Our Ford Van Battery Story 2015

Our 2012 Walmart EverStart Maxx Battery is still going strong. The Walmart battery warranty is constantly changing, so whenever I get a new battery, I ask for the manager, confirm the warranty policy and write it on the envelope for the warranty (that I keep in the glove compartment) along with the receipt from the purchase (a warranty requirement).

Walmart Everstart Maxx battery in our Ford E150 van.

This picture was shot in October 2015 in our Ford Van – you can see that this battery is almost 3 years old – Manufacture date 12/12.

Bottom line: ask questions, take notes and keep a record.

Try Kindness with Walmart’s Auto Department

We’ve read a lot of complaints about Walmart’s Customer Service – people ranting about how poor it is and how rude the service people are. Our experience has been much different. We don’t always get what we want, but most of the time, if we’re kind, patient and relate to the service person or manager as a Real Person with Feelings and a Job to do, they bend over backwards to help us.

Actual Manager’s notes on the Battery Warranty

Here’s a note that the automotive service manager wrote on my battery warranty envelope.

Walmart Everstart Maxx battery warranty under a yellow envelope with writing on it.

Be kind, be persistent and be genuine. You’ll find that Walmart employees will respond in kind. You’ll be happy you did!

A rack holding several rows of Walmart Everstart Maxx batteries.

Wall of EverStart Maxx Batteries – photo taken 11.15.2015. Price for the 24F battery was $104.97 and includes a 5 year warranty—3 years full replacement / 2 additional years pro-rated.




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Walmart Everstart Maxx car battery with a great warranty

Author: Steve & Annette
Scottsdale, AZ

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