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This Shopping Tips Super Page contains a growing list of Smart Shopping hacks from our readers!

If you have a shopping tip that’s saved you money and time, please leave it in the comments below and we’ll review it for posting on this page.

I Avoid Black Friday!

I have not participated in Black Friday in the past nor will I ever. Here’s a better tip in my opinion. I shop at thrifts and consignment stores. Our spoiled society gives away the most amazing good quality items. I pick up all kinds of super gifts for pennies and my friends and family are always pleased. Most are out shopping like lunatics at the chain stores, so the thrifts are not at all crowded. This is my way of saving money, hassle and not contributing to the big retail corporations.   Patricia Levitan – California

Target Savings with Rain Checks

Here are a couple of tips for smarter shopping at Target. Target offers rain checks for most items that go on sale, whether the item is sold out at the moment or not. They allow a substitution of a similar item with the same percentage off as the sale item. We use this to our advantage by obtaining a rain check on an item. Then, we pick out an item that is similar but less expensive and use the discount from the rain check. Keep in mind rain checks do expire. Also, if you purchase something full price (God forbid!) and see that it has now gone on sale, you can take your receipt back to the store and get the difference back if it’s been less than 2 weeks since the initial purchase.   Audra Roes – Chattanooga, TN

Black Friday Web Sites

The Friday after Thanksgiving will be the busiest shopping day of the year. Deals abound, so it helps to have a strategy for your shopping. Start making your list now! Several web sites post sneak peeks of advertising circulars starting in October.

Check them out here:

Black Friday Ads,

These sites get their information from secret sources, so each will have different information. Happy saving!   Lorraine Perkins – Mesa, AZ

High End Store – Low End Price

We shop at Dillard’s Department store frequently. They have some awesome end of the season sales— such as clothes for 99 cents, domestics 75 to 90 percent off and expensive decorator items for 99 cents. We regularly find expensive items for next-to-nothing. These deals make Christmas shopping a lot cheaper. Many of the high-end stores have great sales like these. Get to know the salespeople and they will let you know when you can expect the really big discounts and sales.   Olivia – USA

Online Savings 1, 2, 3

Here are four ways to ensure you get the best deal possible

  1. Test Go to the larger department stores to have a demonstration of the product you are researching. Be sure, particularly with computer printers regarding speed and consumable costs.
  2. Research Go home and do a search on the internet for the specific model you tested.
  3. Verify the on-line store. I only buy from reputable on-line stores that are located in my country – this way I can phone them first if I have any questions or doubts about their service.
  4. Compare prices and you’ll find vast differences – as a result you can save much, much more. And, they courier to your door – sometimes at no charge.

By following these four steps I’ve found savings in excess of 30 percent with a full guarantee.   D. Eller – Australia

Component Compatibility

If you purchase electronics and want to purchase an additional accessory later on, take the owner’s manual(s) with you to the store so the salesperson will know exactly what you’re working with. This is especially helpful if you go to a different store and will give you a better chance of having all of the components working together.   Jennifer Dahl – Bayard, IA

Cheaper Technology Buys

My husband and I never buy new technology. We wait a few years for the glitches to be worked out, the size to decrease, and the price to go down. Then we buy on sale. Never pay full price for anything!   Steven & Chrissy – Phoenix, AZ

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