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This page is full of links to some of our favorite thrifty friends’ websites!

When you hang out with thrifty friends you’ll pick up new and better ways to save money. We love hanging out, sharing and learning from the people on this page and hope you will too!

Living on A Dime – Frugality to the Max!

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If you’re looking for another way to save more money and to be encouraged to make thrifty living fun. Visit our friends Mike and Tawra Kellum and Tawra’s super thrifty mom, Jill Cooper over at LivingOnADime.com.

We’ve known Mike and Tawra for many years and they are the real thing. They work hard, live what they teach and are incredibly transparent and genuine in what they share.

Tawra Kellum and her mother Jill Cooper are a dynamic duo of frugality and have authored numerous ebooks about saving money.

Jill the Single Mom

As a single mom, Jill raised two kids on a limited income without giving up their comfort or security.

Tawra & Mike Get out of Debt

When Tawra married Mike, they struggled to raise their small family, but by applying the lessons learned from Jill (Tawra’s mom), they were able to pay off $20,000 worth of debt in five years. They did all of this with an average income of $22,000.

Tawra and Jill now operate the popular Web site LivingOnADime.com. Their website contains many money saving articles and videos that you can access for free.

You can also browse their extensive library of ebook deals here. Tawra and Jill are the real deal — they live what they teach. It may not be flashy, but they know how to make their money stretch until it begs for mercy!

Living On A Dime Ebook ad.

Get Two Great MoneySaving Books

Their best-selling book is called “Dining on a Dime” and has sold more than 500,000 copies. It’s really a cookbook that is full of money saving tips too.  If you want even more grocery money-saving tips, check out our book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half.” It’s chocked full of time and money saving ideas that will help you slash what your spending at the grocery store.

Popular Living on a Dime Videos

Here’s one of their videos on how to make homemade laundry detergent.

Here’s a second video featuring Jill Cooper on how to fold a fitted sheet (more than 16 million views)

The Kellams are now doing a Facebook Live video-cast – 3 times per week so you’ll want to subscribe to their channel and tune in.

Stretcher.com – A Great Place to Learn to Make Your Money go Further

The Dollar Stretcher logo

Our friend Gary Foreman has been helping people save money for years. His DollarStretcher newsletter/website reaches more than 300,000 people each week.

Gary has been a financial planner, but in recent years has moved from advising people about how to make more money to helping them use the money they have more wisely. He firmly believes that saving money is as good, if not better than earning more.

You can search his website of over 6000 money saving articles on just about every frugal topic you can imagine. Steve and Annette have authored several articles on Gary’s website.

A few years ago we did a video interview with Gary about how we paid our home off in 9 year. You can watch that interview here.

Blissful and Domestic – our Friend Danielle Wagasky

Blissful and Domestic logo

If you’re into making your home beautiful and your family blissful, you’ve got to hang out with Danielle. She’s so much fun and so creative. Her writing style is super casual and her ideas are awesome. Whether it’s a recipe or redecorating her kitchen, you’ll be inspired by her energy.

We first became aware of her blog several years back when an article ran in business insider where she credited our book, “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” with changing her family’s life. Since that time we’ve corresponded and actually met up with Danielle, her husband Jason and two of their kids when we were visiting relatives in Las Vegas.

Just this year, Danielle and her family of five moved to southern Arizona where her husband, Jason, is working for the border patrol.

Catch Your Drips — Save your floors and your money

The original Drip Catcher Logo.

No more sticky floors

Years ago, Annette’s dad, Syl Meola retired from a sales job in the electronics industry and took a job at his local church as the head of the maintenance department — that’s right, he became a janitor. Syl is the consummate organizer and master of efficiency. He can fit more stuff in a small space than anyone we know. One thing he noticed was that whenever there was a reception or some sort of meeting where drinks were served from a coffee pot or cooler, inevitably some of the liquid ended up dripping on the floor. The standard “solution” was to put a stack of paper towels on the floor to absorb the drips. But Syl wasn’t satisfied with the standard solution. He knew there had to be a better way.

Inventing a Solution

Two aluminum coffee pots sitting on white original drip catchers at a banquet.He spent months trying different solutions: bowls on the floor, buckets, and pans. None of them worked. He started doodling, sketching, thinking and finally started building prototypes.

Eventually, his idea crystalized into an incredibly simple, but effective concept: The Original Drip Catcher.

It’s an inexpensive way to eliminate this sticky and messy problem and to keep your floors and carpets clean.

After years of selling thousands of these products by word of mouth, we’ve finally helped him to put up a simple website to let the world know about his invention.

Who Uses Drip Catchers?

Places like churches, hotels, conference centers and even retirement homes are now using Syl’s invention. If you are part of a club or association who regularly has large events where drinks are served, check out Syl’s website.

The photo above was shot in May of 2009 at Syl and Carol’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party — of course, the church where the party was held used Drip Catchers!

Visit Syl’s website: www.OriginalDripCatcher.com

Drip image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Coffee Pot Photo Courtesy of Steve Economides

Savers Thrift Department Stores – A Place We Love to Shop

Savers - Super Savers Club Card

If you haven’t shopped at Savers or Value Village, you ought to give it a try. With over 330 stores across the US, Canada and in Australia there’s likely one near you.

Saving Families Money for more than 50 Years!

They have been in business since 1957 and in every community they serve, they select one charity to benefit. They buy clothes and household items that the charity collects by the ton. The charity doesn’t have to market the goods, all they have to do is collect them. It’s a great deal for everyone involved.

Savers Stores are Super Organized

Savers stores are always neat and organized. Clothes are organized by type and size within each size. They even hang their slacks and pants differently so you can more easily see what the tops and pockets look like. Their stores don’t smell like the typical thrift store because they use air fresheners strategically located in different spots around the sales floor.

Savers Has Special Discount Days

Savers has special deals like 50% off of a particular colored price tag several days each week, $2 day one day each week and 50 percent-off sales throughout the year. If you bring in a bag of donations, they’ll give you a discount card, and once filled it will give you 30 percent off of your entire purchase. We love their colored tags and discount days (check with your local store and see what colored tags are discounted on which days). The also offer a senior discount on certain days – again, check with your local store to find out when. Here is a current list of Sale Days in Arizona – other states may vary.

Here is a current list of Sale Days in Arizona – other states may vary. Unfortunately, in Arizona, Savers has slowly been closing stores due to the growth of Goodwill. But from talking to their headquarters office, Savers is growing in other markets and the company is doing well.savers thrift store sales day flyer.

We love the half price tag days, but as we get older, we’re really appreciating the 30 percent off Senior Days on Tuesday. Check your local store as their sales dates may vary from this photo. Visit the Savers.com website to find a store near you.

Savers Club Card

And the best thing is that they offer their email list subscribers/card members advanced notice and access to VIP 50% off sale days. We get to shop one day early and scoop up deals before the general public. Learn more about the club card here. If you want a Savers Club Card you can pick it up for free inside one of their stores.

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