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Did you know you can freeze cheese?? One EASY trick to help you slice your frozen cheese. Crumbly, Frozen, Cheese, Solution, Cheddar, Swiss, hard, Parmesan, Colby, Monterey Jack.

This Super Page contain frugal tips for saving money Dairy Purchases!

If you have a tip for saving money on Dairy purchases please mention it in the comment section and we’ll consider it for this page.

The problem with freezing cheese!

I came across the frozen cheese problem as well. If you freeze it, then thaw it, it can’t be sliced – it crumbles.

The solution to frozen / defrosted cheese crumbling

Here in Sweden, cheese is sickeningly expensive, but I needed to have hard cheese a couple of mornings each week.

Freezing it was no problem, but how to thaw it was. The trick is to let it “sweat it out” at room temperature. I set it on the counter on a plate and cover it with plastic wrap. Leave it out until it comes to room temperature and starts to sweat. Then put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. It will be easy to slice after that.

Editor’s Note:

Thanks to Jim’s suggestion we’ve done this “reconstituting” of frozen cheese and it works. We varied it a little, instead of covering it with plastic wrap, we covered it with a clean, moist cotton dishtowel and allowed it to come to room temperature. The result was the same – it sliced beautifully. Steve & Annette

Cutting the Cheese and Saving

Watch how we sliced 20 pounds of cracker sized cheese for appetizers for our daughter Abbey’s wedding. We found a way to do it quickly, consistently and less expensively than buying pre-sliced cheese from the grocery store.

Steve is cutting the cheese on our 30 year old Oster Meat slicer.
You can pick up your own home meat slicer on Amazon, then have many different versions and prices, but some are less than $50.
A home meat slicer will save you a boodle!
Read how we save hundreds of dollars a year using our home slicer here.

Spreadable Butter – Cheaper

I purchased a container of spreadable butter and saved the container when it was empty. Then I purchased some real butter and mixed it in my blender with milk—this stretches it and makes it spreadable, just like the manufactured kind, only this is real butter!

I’m so glad my grandmother taught me this trick! Here are a couple of other options:

Spreadable Butter – OPTION 2

Use canola oil to stretch the butter:- 1/2 cup salted butter (1 stick)
– 1/3 cup canola oil
(or any flavorless oil you prefer)This is a higher calorie options as
oil is 100% fat whereas butter is
only about 80% fat.

Spreadable Butter – OPTION 3

– 2 sticks of butter
– ¼ cup oil
– ¼ cup water

Cop’s Mom – Oklahoma

Discounts at Closing Time

If you shop in smaller shops, bakeries or butcher stores you can be lucky and get extreme discounts shortly before closing time or if you buy the end-pieces of sausage or cheese.   A silver meat slicer with a chunk of salami on it.Christina – Cologne, Germany

Editors’ Note: We were recently visiting Steve’s Dad in Chicago and shopped at a really cool store called Caputos Market. Their prices were very competitive and the produce was terrific, but the thing that caught Steve’s eye was in the deli section. They had packaged up the heels and ends of various cuts of lunch meat or cheese and sold it at a huge discount—$1.29 per pound for Black Forest Ham and Prosciutto—it was the deal of the century . . . and it’s a regular practice at Caputos. We’re wondering why more stores don’t have the same policy.

Cheese—Shred It Then Freeze It!

I saw you on TV recently when a caller commented about cheese spoiling within a month. Not so! Here’s what I do. I shred chunks of cheese, and freeze it flat in small ziplock bags. I just pull it from the freezer and use it in as a topping for a dish, in scrambled eggs . . . etc. Nothing goes to waste and it stores really easily.   Roberta O. – Plainsboro NJ

Better Butter Control

I can get so much more out of my butter or margarine by using this simple tip. Most wrappers A stick of yellow margarine cut into slices - tablespoon sized.on sticks of butter or margarine are marked to cut the stick into 8 tablespoons. I get more “mileage” out of my butter or margarine by taking the new sticks and scoring (or marking) the top of each stick into 12 to 16 pieces with a knife. This helps me with portion control and makes my sticks last almost twice as long. This is really helpful as I’m on a very limited budget.   Joan T. – Estsero, FL

My Spreadable Butter Recipe

A butter knife with spreadable butter on it with a piece of bread below it.

To save on soft butter- buy a Butter Bell/ French Butter Keeper. 1/2 cup of butter stays fresh and soft on your counter for a week or more. You just have to change the cool water in the reservoir every couple of days. “Soft” butter costs about $3.00 for 8 oz. One stick of butter is .75 or less. The price of the butter keeper paid off in about a couple months. You can find them online.

BTW. I don’t use margarine, my childhood friend’s dad worked for a margarine manufacturer and he refused to serve margarine to his family. enough said!   Bobbie S. – Elgin, IL

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