Kids’ Clothing Wars

An army tank with kids clothes hanging from the barrel.

Often interviewers ask us how we manage to maintain a thrifty lifestyle and still have happy, well-dressed kids. Our kids do dress well and feel good about the clothes they buy and wear. We believe that the better you dress, the better you’ll be treated. For many families, the battle over kids’ clothing rages on. Faced with peer pressure, movies, … Read the rest

Christmas Gifts for Under $10 — Frugal Doesn’t Mean Frumpy

Five pound flour bags converted into gift bags.

What to do about Christmas gifts when there is no money? Here’s a great list of possible gifts below to help you get started. While we’re all for making the holiday spirit last longer, most families’ holiday bills take between four and five months to pay off, and this isn’t our idea of holiday cheer.

There may be some folks … Read the rest

Easy Breakfast Strata

A glass baking dish filled with an egg strata for breakfast.

This is a great way to have a nutritious breakfast all in one pan. And it’s a good way to include some of your garden fresh veggies in a breakfast dish. This recipe can be prepared the night before and left in the refrigerator until morning (this may increase your cooking time by 10 minutes), or prepared in the morning … Read the rest